Save Multiple Drafts in Gmail

email-draftHave you ever try to send an email to number of recipients without copy paste the subject and body of a draft message multiple times i.e., by creating an email draft as multiple copies? May be you are creating a draft message in Gmail and copy paste the subject and body of the message to send multiple recipients because the subject and body of the message unchanged unlike recipient’s email address, like you are inviting to a function to more people.

Unlike Microsoft outlook, Gmail doesn’t have an option to create multiple email drafts. If you compose an email draft in Gmail, then click send button it will automatically go to sent items from drafts folder of Gmail.

email-draftHow to Create a Duplicate Email Message in Gmail

By using web app written with google scripts i.e., my new duplicate email we can create duplicate draft emails in Gmail. This is an easy and one click option process. We can also use mail merge for creating duplicate draft emails in Gmail. Let me explain the steps to do,

  1. Login your Gmail, write an email and compose it as draft message.
  2. Go to, access your Gmail account in this app, then it will read your Gmail drafts and create number of copies in your Gmail account.

Gmail offers Gmail clone tool, it works on both desktop and mobile phones. So you can easily copy email messages in your mobile phones also.

Select the source draft from the drop down, and select the number of copies you have to be send, hit on create drafts button. Then it will clone a message and send separately to someone else very quickly.

Reload the page and repeat the steps when you would like to create multiple copies of the email drafts. Internally the app uses the Gmail API to create drafts.

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