Tips To Hide Running Apps – Process Magic

Using Process Magic, a command line tool, it is possible to hide running applications.  Simply to say, process magic is a command line tool that is used for hiding any running application. It is also possible to process a new application in hidden mode. The hidden application  runs continuously in the back with the same speed and accuracy as if it is working in the normal mode. Process magic will be a very useful tool for those who want to run some application but they do not want it to be displayed on the desktop. Even though the application is hidden, still you can see it running in task manager. This works in both 32- bit and 64-bit processors.



  • Download Process magic in your system.
  • You can launch it just by navigating the executable file in command window.
  • Use the following command when you want to hide any particular application running from desktop


  • exe [-h <pid> |  <pname> ] [-u  <pid>  |  <pname> ] [ -n <process_file_path> ]
  • The –h parameter is used for giving commands to the Process magic to hide the running application.
  • If the user wants to unhide the running application, then use the same command given above, but with a small change. Replace “-h” with “-u”.  Then the hidden application will change to unhidden mode.
  • This is the only one command that the user wants to remember for hiding and unhide any running applications.


  • Hiding in Process Magic is very simple.
  • This application can also be used to hide any transferring of files, downloading files etc.
  • Even after hiding, it will keep on processing the application.
  • The user can hide existing process as well as any new process.
  • For using this application, there is no installation required.
  • The link for downloading process magic is given below

  • It reduces the hiding process time.

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