Tips To Open Blocked Websites

Here we provide some ways to view the websites that are blocked. In most of the schools and colleges,
some of the websites are blocked. You can use the following tricks to open blocked websites.

Use of Webproxy:


The free web proxies allow the user to bypass the local proxies and securities then allow surfing blocked sites. Using these proxies the user can simply surf the blocked websites without having any software to install.

Here there some proxies that can access the blocked websites:

  • Webproxy
  • Proxywebsite
  • Hidemyass
  • Kproxy
  • 24 Proxy
  • Uswebproxy
  • Zendproxy
  • 645 webproxy
  • fastbrowse

Select any of the proxies mentioned above and open it on the college/school web browser. A search box will appear (for each and every web proxies). Type the URL of the site that you want to open. Then press enter. Then the site will appear.

Using online Translators:


            This way of unblocking websites uses the online translating tools like Google’s translator

Following are the steps to use this method:

The user has to enter the URL of the website that they wish to open.

After that set the language from English to English, then the page will appear as such (In English).

Then click on the Translate button.

Now the web page that has been blocked will appear as it is inside the Translator page.

Using CMD:

  • Click on the Start
  • Open RUN.
  • Type CMD and press enter.
  • In the CMD window, type as”ping” and then hit enter. (e.g. ping
  • After that the user can see the numbers that look similar to the IP address.
  • Copy that numbers and paste in the browser’s URL box.
  • And access those blocked websites
  • Here we give an example to open the Facebook page.
  • For the proxy address is
  • Enter this IP in the browser’s URL and then press enter.


 Unblock any website that is blocked by the routers:


To block the websites, some users use the firewall on their routers to block the access of some sites.

To unblock that browse any proxy website but if still if it is not able to access means, gain access to the router login (Usually IP address) and enter the password. Then disable the particular webpage from blocking (in settings).