Transfer numbers and profile pictures from whatsapp


JavaScript bookmarklet is to get WhatsApp contacts moves over the DOM of the WhatsApp web client also gets all your WhatsApp name, pictures and the phone number (with the country code) of your whatsapp.

For importing into google contacts the list can be saved as a CSV file, either you can send it to the printer or use download the total web page to save profile pictures  with good resolution on desktop of your whatsapp contacts. Far ahead you can upload these to your google contacts yourself.

function getWhatsAppAddressBook() {


/* Switch to the All Contacts view in WhatsApp */



var list = {}, position = -1;


if (position != $(“div.drawer-body”).scrollTop()) {


$(“”).each(function(i) {


/* Get the profile picture of the WhatsApp contact */

var img   = $(this).find(“”);


/* Extract the Contact Full Name */

var title = $(this).find(“”);


/* Extract the WhatsApp Phone number */

var tel = img[0].src.match(/u=(\d*)/);


/* Save the entry in an associated array */

list[tel[1]] = {thumb: img[0].src, name: title[0].innerText};




position = $(“div.drawer-body”).scrollTop();

$(“div.drawer-body”).scrollTop(position + 72);







This is all about export numbers and profile pictures from whatsapp.

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article reference: labnol