Twitter’s new button


Twitter’s  today has been rising due to its increased emphasis on its messaging feature, with the level of a new button for websites that permits the visitors to chat privately with a company or an individual directly. The feature is now available on one of several website buttons, tracks the company’s recent test of brands turns into ‘customer support profiles’ that encouraged users to message directly, and not tweet, at the business’s Twitter account.

At that time, a new “Message” button appears on the profile- taking over the full space where “Tweet to” and “Message” used to live side-by-side. Previous testers incorporated big names such as Uber, Apple, Beats, Activision, and others.

The company has already provided buttons for sharing, following, mentioning and hashtags, but it didn’t keep the button for Direct Message. So, comparatively, this is just about Twitter supplementing its product offerings to be more complete.


Though, the button’s appearance comes at a time when the Facebook moving its chat app Messenger the default way that consumers interrelate with businesses.

Tthe social network has just redesigned its business pages that put a “Message” button at the top of the page, thinking it uses for business chat. And it also announced a group of tools that makes easy for businesses to communicate with customers on Messenger, as well as Scannable Messenger codes and Messenger links to start chats, business usernames depending on Messenger greetings and Page names.

Twitter, recently has become well-known because it is a place where customers go to complain when things go wrong –regularly posting angry tweets, with brands @username attached. By distributing more tools that allow customers to take a private chat, businesses could then continue to use Twitters as part of their marketing, support strategies, and consumer outreach instead of transferring all their communications to Facebook.

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