Share music files over WhatsApp using iPhone

share music files over WhatsApp

WhatsApp has already become one of the most popular instant messaging apps across the globe. Nowadays more than 400 million active users are using this app. But not only does WhatsApp support instant messaging, it’s also a great way to share media, including photos, videos and also to share music files. If you are an Android user, you may even send songs from your music app over WhatsApp.

But, if you use WhatsApp on iPhone, you might have noticed that WhatsApp doesn’t have the option to add MP3 files from music library, synced with iTunes. Many users have been browsing for a way to do it.

To download WhatsApp on iPhone. Click this Whatsapp

Have found a way to share the Music files. Try out the below steps.

  1. Go to App Store on your iPhone then download and install iZip.
  2. Open the app and select the Music Library option.
  3. Then you will find the music files library (you need to share) by browsing Songs, Albums, Artists etc.
  4. Click on Select option from upper right corner. Then it will turn on the selection mode.
  5. Now click on the music files you like to share.
  6. Click on the Zip button. The music file which is selected will be compressed and stored inside the Local Files directory.
  7. Select the zipped file and then extract it. The content those are unzipped will be saved in a new folder in the same location.
  8. Open the new folder. It must contain your selected music file.
  9. Now select the file by clicking on the adjacent round checkbox and select Open In option from the bottom.
  10. If you already installed WhatsApp, it will be available in  “Open In the menu,” as well as with other supported apps.
  11. Now send the file to your preferred friend you selected. After a confirmation, the file will begin to upload.

You can easily share music files over WhatsApp using iPhone.

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