DropBox – Online File Sharing and Storage Service

Dropbox is a famous online cloud storage service which lets the people to put all their stuffs like photos, videos, documents etc… In it and it allows the user to retrieve those data from anywhere and at any time. Once dropbox is installed on your computer, any files which you save in dropbox will also be automatically saved to all your computers, your android devices where you have installed or have access to open your dropbox account. Also it will store your content in DropBox website which will be very easy for the users to retrieve it where ever they go.


Here are the steps which show how to install drop box on your computer:

  • Open a new tab on your browser and then go to DropBox.com/install
  • In the dropbox website select Free Download option. Now dropbox will be downloaded automatically in the downloads folder.
  • Select the downloaded file and double click on the DropBox icon, the user will get a registration form with name, last name, password, computer name etc. and then select continue.
  • In the setup type, select Typical and then click install.
  • Then select the finish button. The user can see a small dropbox icon in the top right corner. These are the steps to install dropbox. 


  • In version it is having the additional feature of fixing the errors and improving the performance.
  • In DropBox version 2.3.5 the user can view all type of photos.


  •  The data that you stored in DROPBOX can be between multiple computers.
  •  It allows the user to share photos and videos with their friends. Also the informations is stored on Dropbox, can be controlled manually.
  •  Since dropbox provides more storage capacity it will be very useful for business people.  DropBox Supports Synchronisation and Sharing.


  •  Dropbox works with any kind of OS like windows, Mac, Linux etc.
  •  Through DropBox the user can invite their family,friends etc to share the files.
  •  The user can create a photo gallery that can be viewed by any person whom they choose.
  •  It is very easy to Upload photos and videos in DropBox and it will not take much of your time. It is best Online Cloud Storage Service.