Samsung Galaxy S8

Samsung Galaxy S8

We are talking about the next big thing from Samsung in the smartphone industry. So far it’s going to be the best presentation from the Samsung. Samsung has geared up and is prepared to give their best shot and cannot afford to lose the game with their next galaxy flagship device, the Samsung Galaxy S8, after the aftermath of the Samsung Galaxy Note7.

Here we are talking about the humongous battery, a mini projector, 4K display, 6GB of RAM, a super enhanced processor, and 30 MP rear camera. Sources claim that Samsung is all set to launch the device in two sizes this time and both would be with curved edges. In fact, they plan to make the curved edges exclusive to their galaxy series. They also claim that Samsung has already started ordering curved panels in both the sizes.  

Let’s get into the details of each aspect of the device and what all we have heard and gathered so far now.

Samsung Galaxy S8 Spec

Operating System Android 7.1.1 or later
Display RGB SuperAMOLED at 2960×1440 resolution (18.5:9 aspect) with curved panel
GS8: 5.8-inch / GS8 Plus: 6.2-inch, 4K Display
Processor Qualcomm Snapdragon 835 or Samsung Exynos 8895
Storage 128GB + microSD
Battery GS8: 3,000mAh / GS8 Plus: 3,500mAh
Camera 30MP, f/1.7 lens
Price GS8 INR: 58, 000/ GS8 Plus: INR 65, 000
Charging USB-C / wireless charging

Launch Date

The phone would be announced somewhere in the end of March as far as the rumors are concerned. It would only be until the last week of April that you would be able to fondle with the device here.

Evan Blass, the king of leakers has recently backed up the reports which mention the Samsung Galaxy S8 release date to be April 2. The launch event would take place in New York. The report also suggests that the device would be available from April 21 onwards. To avoid any quality issue and prevent a mistake that happened with their last launch a relatively long time between the launch and the delivery date might be a measure by Samsung.


Galaxy-S8 design

This is one section where there have been not much of rumors. Samsung brought a completely different design specifications with the Galaxy S6 and carried forward the legacy with the Galaxy S7, though the design was on similar lines but even then they managed to give it a completely different look. The melding metal and glass design have produced one of the most handsome looking smartphones. Though the expectations are not for a completely different design however if Samsung manages to create a completely different set of aesthetics it can really turn the tables around.


samsung-galaxy-s8 display

We always expect the best spec sheet available in the industry when it comes to Samsung’s flagship device of the year. If we talk about the display, definitely Samsung would be going for the curved versions for both the variants of the device with a 4K display. The smaller version would carry a 5.1 Inch display and the other one would come with a 5.5 Inch display. The models are going to be code named as Dream and Dream 2 is reported by Samsung Mobile. With the QHD display, the Samsung Galaxy S7 came. Anyways it’s too sharp to be on a smartphone. However, when it comes to VR, it needs some improvement. Surely it needs to bring something more enhanced such as 4K on the table that looks at the push from Samsung in the VR industry. Samsung has already showcased a 5.5 Inch display with 2160 X 3840 screen that rounds up to 806 pixels per inch in association to this. Really, we can’t say if the display is going to be fitted in the next flagship Galaxy model. Nevertheless, definitely, it’s going to be a part of a premium device from Samsung and what else can be more premium than the Samsung Galaxy S8. The screen of the device would cover 83 percent of the front panel that means the bezel will be really thin, which signals the removal of the home button at the bottom of the device suggested through recently leaked images.

Add on Display

This feature has had by most of the recent devices known as the Always on Display which was debuted with Galaxy S7 and S7 Edge. It is much more enhanced in the Note 7 would become richer in the Galaxy S8 by allowing third party widgets to be added on the screen.

Hardware Specification


Hardware section is the next section in the list. The most recent rumors in regard to this section suggest a 3.2 GHz Octa Core Snapdragon 830 chip in the US and a 3 GHz Exynos 8895 processor for the other regions complimented with a 6GB RAM. Samsung Galaxy S8 carrying Snapdragon 830 seems to be the safest bet so far.

The rumor from the Samsung Mobile suggests that Samsung is working out with AMD and Nvidia to produce the GPUs which were earlier produced by ARM. Though, 6GB of  RAM has come in as a rumor. On concord, we believe it is the least expected and 4GB of RAM is what they would go for.

Samsung S8 Camera and Battery


Moving on to the most discussed features in the present scenario, which are the battery and the camera. The hottest and the latest rumors suggest that Samsung Galaxy S8 would carry a 30 MP rear and 8 MP front camera along with a humongous 4200 mAh battery. Galaxy S8 carrying a 30 MP rear camera looks less likely to happen so we have come across another rumor which suggests that Galaxy S8 would carry a camera between 18 MP-24 MP with a wide aperture of f/1.4 compared to the Galaxy S7 which had an aperture of f/1.7. Dual-lens camera setup seems to be in these days and it would not be a surprise if Samsung comes up on the other side with a similar setup with their new flagship.

Weibo’s recent poster mentioned that one lens would be 12 MP and another 13 MP. It will be manufactured by Sony and Samsung.

Samsung has been working on is the ‘Smart Glow Feature’ is another interesting feature in which the rear camera would be engulfed with LEDs which would flash in different colors with different types of notification.

 Personal Assistant ‘Bixby’

After Siri from Apple as rumors point out, Cortana from Alexa and Microsoft from Amazon. Samsung is all set to launch their own personal assistant codenamed as ‘Bixby’. Samsung’s recent acquisition of ‘Viv’ has its roots in the news. The code name for the VA was recently trademarked by Samsung. AI became a necessity for the tech consumers. Hence it would definitely make things easier for Samsung if get that right in the Galaxy S8.

Other Leaks

There are a lot of news about an Iris scanner that was a part of the Note 7, other than the aforementioned information. Note 7 was an enterprise level device and required that level of security however if the same feature comes in the next gen galaxy. Definitely, it would be loved by the customer. Other features such as USB Type C and a missing headphone jack are some other features discussed on various platforms. However the latter is to strike off since the leaked pictures of the Galaxy S8 shows a 3.5mm jack.

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