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Well, it totally depends on the pattern you use these accounts. If you like to stay connected with your friends & family using these accounts, it may sound boon. But if you are addicted to these apps than it is a bane.

The irony with increasing social media apps on your smartphone device is that you are spending more time in the virtual world than doing real-life things. Here, people are not only spending hours daily on these social media apps but it is also affecting user’s personal life and health.

If you are one of those users who like to spend precious hours of their life on social media apps and you find yourself addicted to these apps than we suggest you use Social Fever app as a countermeasure to this addiction.

Social Fever app is a futuristic solution that helps you deal with your smartphone & social media addiction. Using this app, you can keep track on your smartphone and apps usage and manage it for better use. This smart app offers a bunch of useful features lets discuss some of them here.

Features of the App

Track Goals: Social Fever allows you to set goals by mentioning information that how much time you want to spend on any app. Here, you can add multiple apps to tracking module. Once you have set goals for yourself, you can track the time you have spent on any app. You can use this feature to reduce the wasted time on unnecessary apps.

Limit App Usage

App Usage: Under app usage, it will display a compact summary of app usage on your Android phone. Here, you can see all the apps that are added to tracking module and time spent on them.

History: Here, you can see the detailed information of app usage/time for last 7 days. It will display history in graphical format for better understanding.

App Usage Report

Interests: Under this feature, you can set interests for yourself. Further, the app will update you how you could have spent your saved time enjoying your favorite activities. It is a useful feature to keep you motivated to reduce your smartphone addiction.

Set your Favourite App

Ear Health: App not only helps you save your time but it also helps you keep your health intact. Here, the app will send you reminders when you spend long hours using headphones/earphones on your device. It is a useful feature to keep your ear health in better condition.

Eye Health: In addition to ear health, the app will also help you protect your eye’s condition from negative effects of the smartphone. Here, the app will send you alerts when you spend long hours staring at your device screen while watching your favorite video or playing games. It is a useful feature to rest your eyes and mind.

Other Features

App Usage Timer

  • The app allows you to set time tracker for apps in real-time by enabling “Show app tracking” feature.
  • You can go to app settings to change the time for daily reports.
  • You can click on “Show daily report” to see and organize daily goals.
  • By tapping on “Clear History” button you manage to clear tracking history of the app.
  • You can click on “Show Interest” button to change interest for yourself.

The Verdict of the App

Social Fever is meticulously designed software piece that is considered to be a futuristic solution to fix your smartphone addiction. Here, it works on advanced algorithms to keep a tab on your app & smartphone usage. Further, it helps you reduce your smartphone dependency and save your precious time. Using this app, you can re-connect to the real world to do real-life things. We suggest you this tool for instant and effective results.

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