Matissa Offers Filters Like Prisma

Prisma is really a good Photo Editor app, that makes your pictures same as like paintings, by using different filters. The application is used only for Android and iOS platforms but now you can enjoy the similar style of an app on windows Mobile called Matissa.


Mattissa in Windows 10, filters your image as the Prisma app does and it is simple. It also uses machine-vision based algorithms like Prisma uses. The Matissa app allows you to filter the pictures from your album or you can take a shot directly from the app.

You have to follow 10 seconds sequence procedure  to apply the filter and the app does the remaining process for you. It provides 20 different filters and the developers also commit to update the latest filters every week. The average waiting time for Matissa has been just 2.5 seconds for applying the filters to the image which is fast procedure based on 4G network.



After the completion of the process, you can share the image to social networks, text messaging, emails and other messaging apps. If interested, the Matissa app is already available for Windows 10 on the store Windows Store.


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