message-meMessage me is just like a social networking application which allows you to share photos, voice messages, videos with friends. The main advantage is all these stuffs can be done in a single platform, in a very fast and effective manner. This became very popular because of its useful features for sharing lively moments. This application is free of cost and can be downloaded from the Google store.  This is very user-friendly and more compact. All versions of android support this application. Once you install this application on your device, the user has to click on this application to open it.


Message me application is provided with all the necessary features and can be easily connected to friends and other people. In addition to instant snap and chat, this also contains 180 new emotions that can be used to express your feelings to your friends. Some of the main features present in message me are listed below,



This application is mainly created to stay user connected with his family and friends. This application is safe and secure and it is also the most fun way to chat. Just drop the sms that you want to send and you can exchange those messages to a single person or to a group of people at no cost.  You can also draw doodles directly on other pictures. The messages that you send are always kept private. It is also available in 23languages which includes Arabic,german, greek, hindi, English, Japanese, Korean, Malayalam, Spanish etc.


Through this feature in message me one can take a photo and they can share it with their friends instantly. They can share it to single person or to group of persons.


The user can create a group and add their favorite friends to it and they can have conversation with all of them. Through group chat you can also share any photos and videos. This will be very useful if you want to conduct an activity with many people. There is also an option to share your location in group chat.


Simply we can say this is the best feature of message me application. It has got many varieties of emotions, stickers with different styles which conveys message. Instead of saying several words, you can say it simple just by using emotions.  Emotions strongly depict your mood and it makes the communication much effective.


You can use your imaginations and edit a piece of art using different sizes of brushes and colors. You can edit your friend’s photos by drawing something on their photos and share it instantly with other friends. This is more entertaining.

This application has so many features integrated in them. This application will be very much useful for people who want to spend most of their time with friend and family.

The link for downloading this application is given below