Do you know to find Relationship Histories on Facebook with your friends?

View Your Relationship Histories

Will you trust that Facebook established more than 10 years prior? Furthermore, in case you’re similar to me, you presumably made an account near its launch day — and you’ve had a lot of Facebook tricks amid those years.  Finding Relationship Histories on Facebook is not tough as you think. Let us see what basic steps to find those details are.

In case you’re feeling somewhat nostalgic, you can really experience your relationship histories amongst you and your Facebook companions and remember those years, in any event in memory.

Go to your Friends Facebook Profile and when you are there, you have to look at the web address bar and you will the url like this

Along with Username if you are seeing some extra words are question mark like this

You just ignore these parts except your friend’s username. We also need your own facebook username. If you have forget your username and you can find that easily by, navigating to your profile URL and grab your user name same as like you did for your friend user name.

Now you have to type the URL into web address bar as shown below

This will show ALL past posts where both of you have been tagged or specified. You can even sort in two different usernames to see the relationship history between any two individuals in so far as you’re friends with them two.

Hope You have enjoyed about Relationship Histories on Facebook. Do you have anymore Facebook tips and tricks just share with us through comment section or guest posting section will be helpful to many others.