Homemade Substitutes for Beauty Products You Use Daily

Homemade Beauty Tips

Making women look beautiful is also an art. Try not to scream at others as to they look so beautiful. They will allocate at least less time to beautify themselves. You can also have few minutes to yourself. Here are the best beauty tips you do it yourself from home items.

Oily hair:

Oily Hair Remedy

Take the baby powder, rub it on hands and apply it on your hair. Then brush your hair. It will control the secretion of oil into your scalp and hair.


Dandruff Remedy Beauty Tips

Mix a half cup of coconut oil with lemon juice and apply on the scalp and massage. Half an hour later the hair should be showered. If you do this twice a week, dandruff will be disappeared.


Acne Remedy Beauty Tips

Take a white toothpaste, apply it in the acne and leave it overnight. Wash with cold water the next day. This will disappear acne.

Black spot:

Add baking soda with some water and rub it on the face. Wash it off with cold water after few minutes. If you do this, black spots will quickly disappear.

For white teeth:

Remove Stains from your tooth tips

Mix baking soda with your toothpaste every day. All the stains will go clean in one week. Baking soda is also a disinfectant. Protect against a toothache. But, use baking soda in less quantity it may damage your tooth enamel.

Shiny lips:

Take both sugar and honey in equal amounts on the lip. It will remove dead cells in the lips and give way to new cells. Similarly, honey, milk dumplings and poppy seeds paste are applied to the lips to get a red shiny lip.

To remove unwanted hair in the legs

Remove Unwanted Hair Beauty Tips

Sugar -2 tablespoon

1 teaspoon of honey and water

Place the water, honey, and sugar in a bowl and boil it for half an hour on the stove. Then turn off the stove and rub this mixture on the hairy area and wrap it with the thick cloth for few minutes and drag the cloth in the opposite direction.

To get soft foot:

Soft Foot Tips

Mix 3% hydrogen peroxide in warm water, add some lemon juice, baking soda and immerse the feet.

After 20 minutes scrub the legs with sugar, it will remove the dead cells on the feet and make your feet shining and bright.

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