Scan and Repair of spoiled Computer

Scan and Repair

Read the procedure below to learn how to Scan and Repair an infected computer from outside windows

Even if you run an antivirus from inside of the windows frequently windows system badly contaminates with malware. So that you can easily find and clean malware by scanning out from Windows.

Malware can cover an infected system itself, and avoids detection. Other malware may try to clash with the antivirus software; stop it from properly installing or scanning.  This is why you should catch malware before it spoils your PC.

Boot into Safe Mode

Safe Mode does not stay outside of windows completely, so it won’t help you extremely if your system files were infected. In safe Mode, Windows won’t load hardware drivers or third-party start up programs. When the malware is running if you restart your windows normally, it should not run repeatedly when you restart in Safe mode.

From this smallest environment, you can scan for malware, install antivirus program and remove it. If you are already installed antivirus program for your system and it is failed to avoid that malware- or the malware is back after its avoidance – you might have to restart into Safe Mode to avoid the malware fully.

To go through Safe mode on windows 7 or past, restart your computer and frequently press F8 at the start of the boot-up process. From the menu select either safe mode or safe mode with networking. Normal safe mode does not provide internet access so you need to install antivirus either from USB drive or other removable media, when coming to safe mode with networking provides Internet access so you can directly download antivirus from safe mode. Log into your system, download and install antivirus software and go through process.


Scan and Repair
Scan and Repair

To open the settings chrome pane in windows 8 or next version, press Windows Key+ I. Press and hold the shift key because you click restart option below the power button.  Your computer will restart into a particular boot options menu. Click Troubleshoot > Advanced Options > Startup Settings > Restart. Press F4or 4to enter Safe Mode or press F5 or 5 to enter Safe Mode with networking On the Startup Settings.

Scan and Repair

When you want to leave Safe mode just restart your computer.

Use an Antivirus Boot Disc

If you want to scan and repair your computer antivirus companies frequently create discs so you can use that to scan. These tools can be transferred to a DVD or CD or set up onto a USB drive. Then you can restart your computer and boot from the removable media. After completion your system scanning and repairing a special antivirus environment will be loaded.

This entire process will happen outside of windows- few of these discs are also depend upon Linux- so the malware will not run when this happens. This permits the antivirus to identify rootkits and other normally unknown types of malware, and also removes the malware which can normally try to protect itself.


Scan and Repair

Scan with a Linux Live CD

You can even use Linux live CD or USB drive to scan your windows PC. For instance, you can restart your computer with bootable media inserted and can boot into Ubuntu that if you have a Ubuntu Linux installer disc or USB drive lying around. You can see a full Linux desktop environment which you can use by choosing the Try Ubuntu link.

From here, you can install antivirus software such as open source ClamAV , its graphical interface ClamTK or install the Linux version of a commercial antivirus as AVG for Linux or BitDefender for Unices. Then you can scan malware for your windows and clean it up from inside linux. This choice may be inconvenient and needs some knowledge of Googling or Linux if you are not good at using Linux like a trouble shooting toolkit, so many people wish to choose a dedicated antivirus boot disc in its place.

Scan and Repair
Scan and Repair

Remove the Hard Drive and Connect it to another PC

If you are handling desktop PC or any other computer which permits you to remove the hardware easily, you should not be left inside your computer. Open system, remove drive, and connect it to another PC. Then you will have way into all the files on the hard drive- of course it is not encrypted.

It does not matters which operating system you are using on your computer- whatever the Os you are using on your computer- such as windows, linux or also Mac OS X- you can install antivirus software and to scan the secondary drive malware it is used. Malware doesn’t run and can’t fight back because you removed it by using other operating system.

Scan and Repair
Scan and Repair

All these methods permit you to gain higher give up malware which are running on your PC. This method allows you to fix everything in your OS and carefully it cleans from outside relatively fighting the malware terms by itself.

Obviously, if your system has infected with malware, there is no chance to remove all the malware completely. For this reason we have a good idea to reinstall windows – or use the features of Refresh or Reset on windows 8- when the computer gets infected badly.  You will find a clean system with no malware so you will confirm that your computer is safe. You no need to waste your time by trying to find and remove malware. This process often doesn’t take too much time that if you have backups of your important files. This is the procedure to Scan and Repair the infected malware outside the windows.

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