Simple Way To Change Your IMEI Number

How to change imei number

Every phone will have different IMEI number. IMEI stands for International Mobile Equipment Identity. We have mentioned an easy trick to change IMEI number on Android phones. This method will let you change your Android mobile IMEI number in an easy way. You can change IMEI number for both non-rooted and rooted Android mobiles. Some people will change their IMEI number just for online earning and learning purpose. I have tried it and its working for me.

Note: Changing IMEI Number Is Illegal In Many Countries.So, Try At Your Own Risk. We Would Request You All To Take This Tutorial For Your Knowledge Purpose Only. We Are Not Responsible For Any Kind Of Misuse Or Problems.

Steps To Change Your IMEI Number on Android Phone

  • Download MobileUncle.apk
  • Open the app, select ENGINEER MODE >>ENGINEER MODE (MTK)
  • Scroll down & click CDS INFORMATION
  • Then select RADIO INFORMATION.
  • Two option is there, select “PHONE 2”
  • You will get an option like AT+
  • Now enter AT+
  • Note: Enter 15 digits new IMEI number as your wish
  • Select “SENT AT COMMAND”
  • Restart your mobile you will get new IMEI number for your device

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