Download Android 7 Nougat Update

Android 7 Nougat

Android 7 Nougat is now available for many devices. You can upgrade your smartphone or any other device to Android 7. Not only this Android version, smartphones like Google Pixel, Pixel XL, Nexus 5X, Nexus 6P, and a few other devices also have support to download even the early version, the Android Oreo.

Keeping the Android Oreo aside, let’s talk about Android Nougat. Check if your device is likely to get update to download Android Nougat. If your device can download the update of the Operating System, go ahead to get it on your smartphone or tablet. A latest and high-profile device will make it more easier to download the update. There is also another new version Android 7.1.2 which has been released with some bug fixes and updates.

There are a number of advanced features added to the Android Nougat. They include multiple window mode to run more than one app side-by-app, improved battery efficiency with Doze mode, and other existing performance enhancements.

Let’s know how to download Android Nougat on your device. But before updating your Android device to the latest version of Operating System, make sure that you back up your device. Having a backup of the previous version of Android will allow you to revert back to it easily and quickly when needed.

Back up

Switch ON the built-in back up feature in your device. For this, go to Settings > Backup and reset and check for both “Backup my data” and “Automatic restore”. Another easy way you can back up your photos is connecting your smartphone to a PC via USB. Browse to the DCIM folder and copy the folders from your smartphone to the PC.

Check if the device is updated to install the Android 7.0 Nougat. If update is available for the device, Nougat will be pushed to devices as an over the air software update. Therefore, you will get a notification when the update is available.

Also, you can check for the updates manually. Go to Settings app > About Phone > System updates. Suppose that you still don’t have an update to the Software (Android 7), then your network or the carrier is yet to receive the upgrade. Not only the network or the carrier may be the reason, it may your phone’s manufacturer that it hasn’t yet pushed the update to your device.

Settings App

How to download Android 7 Nougat on your device?

Once your device is updated, you can download the Android 7 Nougat software on your device. But before getting into downloading the Software, make sure that your device is connected to the Wi-Fi network and also the battery of the device is fully charged. You just need to follow the onscreen instructions to download and install the Software. After which you need to wait for a while to see the updated device. Then you can use a new version of Android on your device.

Now you are done with downloading and installing the Android 7 Nougat on your device. Enjoy with the new version of the Software.

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