Google Pixel XL Vs iPhone 7 Plus

Google Pixel XL Vs apple iphone 7 plus

Finally, Google has made two phones, Pixel and Pixel XL. After the Google’s failure on the Nexus, anyone will obviously, go for the iPhone 7 Plus instead of the Google Pixel XL. But no! If you also think the same, change your opinion. Google Pixel XL Vs iPhone 7 Plus will give you a clear information about both the devices.

iPhone, anyway, is a brand for what it features and its designed too. 2016 has been a pretty great year for smartphones. A huge variety of smartphones with different features had being launched last year. iPhone 7 Plus and Google Pixel XL are two among the release. Both of them are highly featured and are not less than each other.

If it comes to you that you have to choose one between them, I’m sure, you will be totally confused. Since the features of both of them don’t compromise with each other. But the thing is, you should select one.

Let’s get into comparing them both to get rid of the confusion to select one. I think it’s better if we go with all the features like display, design, camera, storage, and so on. Here we go with Google Pixel XL Vs iPhone 7 Plus.


The design of the Google Pixel XL is slightly thick (1mm difference) compared to the iPhone 7 Plus. Even though, the Pixel XL is light in weight and handy to hold. Its large screen fits into a small chassis which is the first feature we see while buying a smartphone. But iPhone is known for its smart and slim chassis. May this be one of a beautiful reason for choosing iPhone 7 Plus. But mostly Pixel XL may be chosen because of the size being small despite its 5.5-inch display. As all these features are available at less cost than the iPhone 7 Plus, Google Pixel XL may be anyone’s first preference.


Since the Apple has started its smartphones, it has been using the LCD screen which, now, is a bit older. Whereas the Google Pixel XL used the AMOLED display which is the future. The AMOLED display is brighter than the LCD display. The AMOLED display colors tend to be more vibrant whereas the LCD provides more accurate colors in the images. But remember that this won’t happen always. More of all these display features, Apple iPhone 7 Plus’ LCD with 1080 x 1920 pixels is able to keep up with the Google’s AMOLED.


Neither of the Pixel XL’s and iPhone 7 Plus camera is disappointing with their picture quality. The Pixel XL’s 12.3-megapixel camera shoots a very detailed picture. The photography review sites have declared that the Pixel XL has excellent HDR+ mode and image detailing capability. The iPhone 7 Plus has 12 MP Dual rear camera and 7MP front camera. This is also not much lesser than the Pixel XL’s camera. So both of them result in excellent photography.

Fingerprint Sensor:

Both the devices have the fingerprint sensor that will work as a part of security. But, it’s found that Pixel XL’s fingerprint reader is pretty fast and easier for the user. It is said that iPhone 7 Plus is slow in recognizing the owner’s fingerprint. And this will, sure, disappoint the user if the fingerprint reading is slow.

Battery Life:

There’s a “Doze mode” in the Pixel XL which is better in keeping the battery juice for a long time. This mode isn’t available on the iPhone 7 Plus. Depending on the usage of the phone on a day, this alone can extend battery life beyond the iPhone 7 Plus. But with more use, the two phones are equal in battery-life. With the Pixel XL, you can spend a full day taking snaps, videos, attending calls, listening to music and much more. And iPhone 7 Plus is not less than the Pixel XL’s battery, it also gives you almost the same battery juice.


In this aspect, it shows that the iPhone 7 Plus’ A10 Fusion processor beats the XL’s Snapdragon 821. Both phones are equally fast and smooth. Moreover, both are anyhow faster than any other smartphone for performing any operation. But it depends on the users’ choice to select a device according to their processor that they like.


With all these specifications and features detailed for Google Pixel XL Vs iPhone 7 Plus, you might be clear with all your doubts in being confused to buy the perfect one. The price of the Google Pixel XL is less than the iPhone 7 Plus. Not only the cost but also all the features are almost same. Even though, Google Pixel XL finds a little better than the iPhone 7 Plus except the processor being used.

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