Samsung Gear VR has a wider field view of  Skateboard

Samsung Gear VR has a wider field of view Skateboard

Now there’s not a ton of differences between this new Samsung Gear VR and previous versions but I’m going to point out the most important ones. First of all, we have a hole in the Touchpad Samsung is really smooth edit out so that it doesn’t have those grooves anymore. It’s just a more flat Touchpad and obviously, this is a whole new color we are used to give. This is more of like a black and blue kind of echoes some of this style that it’s put in its other products recently.

Samsung Gear Buttons

Another big difference is that there’s a new dedicated button to bring you right back to Oculus home so you can get to the menus faster if they didn’t remove the back button though so that’s still there. If you want just go through the menu step by step. Another big change is there’s more cushioning on this one. It also feels like it breeds a little better so that you don’t clog up the lenses easily and that’s a good thing.

Gear VR Oculus

There’s actually a wider field of view this time around 101 degrees versus 96 on the last version and now the last big difference between this and previous years. VR versions are that since this is coming out with the No 7 it’s actually USB type C connector in here. It’s modular so you can take the little piece that connects the USB type C. Swap in one that’ll come with the new gear be our that is micro USB. So all of Samsung’s other new phones A7, S7 edge and the phone before it will be Packard’s compatible with this new gear. Beyond this is going to cost the same as the last version and here VR  99dollars it’s going to be available on August 19th when all the other new stuff from Samsung drops like a No seven in the 360. Yeah that’s it. This is the new Samsung gear VR going to keep skateboarding. It’s cool.

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