Beats BeatsX Wireless Headphones

BeatsX headphones

BeatsX wireless headphones are the collar band-style earphones that are designed with the Apple’s W1 chip. This chip is the one which allows the headphones to quickly pair with iOS devices. This can also be paired with MacOS devices and even Bluetooth capable devices. Most of the BeatsX products offers stable and solid audio performance which the BeatsX also provides. The BeatsX is the only one that can charge with the lightening cable.

Beats call this collar band, Flex-Form cable. This has two wires running through it that are made of nickel titanium alloy or nitinol. This was developed by the US Navy in the late 1950s and is said to be very malleable, durable and lightweight. The key to it here is that it gives the band just enough rigidity and allows you to roll up the headphone so it fits it in an included compact carrying case.

Design and Features:

The neck band BeatsX wireless earphones are available in black, white, blue, and gray colors. The design features a flat cable that anchors to your neck. It has two equally weighted in-line compartments that rests at the front of your neck where the collar ascends to your ears. The left compartment consists of a battery that is charged with the help of lightning port for charging. Whereas the right compartment consists the power button, which includes a status LED.

At the left side, there’s an inline microphone and a remote control as in any headphones. The remote has a central button that controls playback, call management, track navigation, and voice commands. The two outer buttons are volume controls that work together with the master volume on iOS devices. The mic offers decent intelligibility, but it’s not as clear as the iPhone’s.

The earbuds are lightweight and are magnetized. They comprise an 8mm driver in them. They are too light that even you forget that you are wearing it around your neck. It is, additionally, provided with 3 standard shaped pairs of silicone ear tips in various sizes. The set contains the wireless BeatsX Headphones, lightning USB cable to charge the headphones, a rubber carrying pouch, and 3 pairs of ear tips in various sizes.

high-quality headphones


This results in being a solid pair of Bluetooth headphones. You can experience a good sound quality with this earphones with maximum bass response. The BeatsX Earphones can be paired with 30 feet and so Bluetooth devices even if there is any obstacle such as doors or walls are present. These work well and fit comfortably in the ears. Not only with Apple devices (iOS and MacOS), BeatsX also works with non-Apple Bluetooth devices. The only thing is you need to pair it the general way. Rather, you may find this still pretty simple.

Battery Life:

The battery life of BeatsX is estimated to be nearly 8 hours for a single charge. But the volume levels a which the headphones are being used will also be a factor for the battery results. 5 minutes of charge will remain you with the high-quality headphones for almost two hours. This would be obviously excellent. And they never power down automatically, even after it’s kept inactive for a long period. The lack of auto power-down or a sleep mode is all because of the design oversight.


Beats BeatsX wireless Headphones is a lightweight and durable earphones that work with Bluetooth Technology. It produces high-quality sounds which will definitely satisfy a music lover. And the battery takes not more than half an hour to charge it which will result in 8 hours. The battery is charged with a lightning USB port. The earbuds will perfectly fit your years and you can feel the comfort.

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