CloudUp Benefits and Features

Cloudup is a simple and useful utility which is mainly designed for windows and Mac Os. It allows the users to share pictures and documents just by clicking and dragging them.

The user can just click and drag the file(s) from the desktop to the CloudUp icon,  which resides on the menu bar. Now the file that the user dragged is instantly sent to the cloud. It also allows entire folders to send to the cloud with in seconds.



When the file is uploaded to the cloud, immediately a link will be copied to the clipboard, which the user can share pictures and documents to their mails, social networks etc. The files that the user upload to the CloudUp will be keep secret . But it has a public URL , any  person who knows the URL can see the files and they can download it.  It is provided with an option called “password – protect” for maintaining the privacy of the shared files.


  • If the users adds  their links into “stream[a web based folder]”  , it automatically converts  the links in to Instapaper- style pages , which will be convenient for the users to read.
  • If any video is dropped in “stream” , cloudup will translate those videos into small files so that the users can view it in their mobile.
  • File uploading and transformation happens at real time.
    • Also the users can upload whatever they have in their clipboard, directly to web.
    • Uploading and transformation of files happens at a high speed.
    • The user can give titles for individual elements and streams.
    • With cloudup, the user can upload 1000 items for free.
    • CloudUp storage feature is not based on the size of the file that you upload. It completely depends upon the number of files that you upload to the cloud.
    • The user can upload multiple files at a time.
    • CloudUp provides the best quality in uploading.
    • The stream can be shared with friends and followers.
    • The files in stream can be scrolled either by using mouse or arrow keys.
    • People those who visit your file , can also download them.