PlayStation VR Review



Virtual Reality has made a lot of big promises but to most people really high envy is still a novelty your dream. It’s expensive finicky and still has offered a killer app that will keep people using it. Playstation VR is supposed to be the solution.

Coming out next week if the only big tethered virtual reality headset powered by something lots of people already have the Playstation four gaming console. It’s cheaper than either the Oculus Rift or the HTC Vive and it’s backed by Sony one of the world’s great gaming companies. Playstation VR just has to be good enough to make a worthwhile holiday splurge. But for something is new is virtual reality good enough is still a tough standard to pin down. The heart of PlayStation VR as the space age black and white visor once known as Project Morpheus. On paper, the PSP VR headset has some disadvantages compared to the Rift and vibe. It’s the heaviest of all of them and the lowest resolution using a single panel instead of one for each eye but in practice, the comparison isn’t so clear. For one thing. PSP VR fits on your head completely different were most headsets strapped onto your face like ski masks and PSP VR is mounted on a plastic ring the stretches around the upper part of your head balanced by weights on the back. This means that it’s not putting as much pressure on your face especially your cheekbones it’s eyepiece a slide out with the push of a button so it’s wearable with glasses. It seems just a hair green here than other headsets and some experiences can look a little muddy but with a well-designed game, you won’t even notice the difference in resolution. The hardware is full of nice touches like an inline remote that your headphones can plug into letting you easily adjust the volume and turn the headset on and off I haven’t worked out much of a sweat in the PSP VR yet but it’s the only major headset with a spoon of an easily clean above rubber face mask, not one made of fabric or phone. It’s also easier to get to the point of using PSP VR in the first place.


Setting up the system means connecting a lot of wires you plug a small processing box in your PS four on the wall plug your TV and headset into the box and plug a tracking camera straight into the console. But you don’t have to worry about hunting down software and drivers like you would on PC. Because the console just guides you through an extremely simple. The toughest part is positioning the camera right. If your space is too big. It might not pick up the tracking lights on the headset when you sit back on the couch and although you have enough room to walk a few steps and it’s not real scale experience.


One of the problems with Playstation VR is that’s not a completely new system. It’s a set up cobbled together from various pieces of Sony hardware. The core three $399 PSP VR bundle comes with the headset, the box, and all its cables in order to use it, though. You’ll also need a Playstation camera which is sold separately. In order to fully take advantage of the catalog, you’ll need two Play Station Move controllers in addition to the Dual Shock gamepad that comes with any Playstation four. Adding and moving a camera costs an extra hundred dollars although that’s still cheaper than the redfund five and you might want to splurge on charging docks you want to start running out of USB ports for all those controllers.

Playstation Move is the weakest part of PlayStation VR. The Move controllers were first released back in 2010. They don’t feel design for the virtual reality they’re covered in tiny buttons that are tough to hit even when you can see what’s written on them. So the only really useful elements are a button on the top and the trigger on the bottom. That’s enough to handle most experiences but it feels limited compared to the five controllers Oculus touch or sometimes even a regular gamepad. In some games, the move sticks feel just as accurate as something like the five dollars in others the camera doesn’t seem to reach far enough to give you a good range of motion or the controllers drift slightly as you play a big problem when you’re in an action game. Sony has said already that most of its games will be playable with a normal gamepad. The Dual Shock actually has limited motion tracking of its own.


Thanks to a light bar in the back. But in some cases, it still feels like an incredibly awkward two-handed remote control. If the game says it’s best played with the Move controllers believe it. That said there are cases where a normal controller works perfectly well. Or is the only choice. Take for example super hypercube a game where you have to look at virtual reality and rotate three-dimensional objects to fit through a series of holes a lot of PSP coming flagship titles for GamePad base. Including rez Internet Briggs and Star Trek pretty thorough over two. Dozen games and experience is launching with Playstation VR with more listed there later this year. So far we’ve seen about ten of them including a special puzzle game a trance a series of music mini-games a horror rail shooter and a cute adventure game while it’s not exclusively a gaming device it’s definitely geared toward it. But there’s enough out there that almost anyone should be able to have some fun from the start setting it up doesn’t feel like installing a new cyberspace terminal in your living room and putting it on doesn’t feel like jacking into the matrix. It’s not exactly normal looking but at least starts to fit into your life in a way that other high-end headsets. Doesn’t even create some kind of new virtual environment for you to enter just a big screen version of the normal Playstation four interface in some ways this makes PSP VR a little less exciting than its competition but it has close to the same quality bar while being cheaper more accessible and more comfortable. Maybe they are that doesn’t feel futuristic is exactly what the world needs right now.

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