Origin PC Omni Review

Origin has never publicized about their new products in the press conferences or any fanfare. It is the best thing continued while releasing Omni gaming all-in-one. It is probably would have resulted in laughter and Origin PC gamers wondering whether one of the favorite gaming PC can go out of the country.

Origin PC

But, after launching the Omni, Origin is going to be the one laughing. This Efficient all-in-one possess the faster Core i7 processor, up to a Nvidia Titan X video card, a curved 34-inch 1440 display, and has one key trait that misses almost in every other all-in-one. It is upgradable.

Looks same but feels different

It seems to be same as the previous AIO’s but it is different from them in the installation process. Look at it from the front view nothing is impressive about the Omni. Black bezel and three-prong stand are common place, and not a little boring. Still, PC gamers who appreciate the simpler look to their hardware will appreciate that. It is designed to occupy less space, where users no need to have a large room for a desktop. The motherboard placed at the center of the back of the panel, with the graphics card to the right of it, vertically mounted. Everything is accessible and upgradeable, from the CPU to the GPU.

But gaming does not only just need a fast processor but it also needs a powerful graphics card. The Display is also another significant thing which needed for gaming. Origin knows all that well, so the Omni around 34-inch curved and 1440 panel. It only possesses a 60Hz refresh rate, but that’s comparatively standard for this type of monitor. Through HDMI in, the screen can even double as a TV, sharing the screen with the computer via picture-in-picture.
Approaching top speed

The Omni provides a standard selection of ports such as HDMI, USB 3.0 for a Mini-ITX motherboard with the I/O panel facing downward. Along with processor options up to a Core i7-5960X. It supports up to 32GB of DDR4 RAM, up to two SSDs and a full-length graphics card.

The specs are excellent, but they make a few modifications from Origin’s normal lineup. First, there is a different lack of multiple GPUs .Fixed 1440p screen that is not a big deal, assuming you pick a capable card for the task, but the top gamers will be disappointed. And the next the system is well cooled with Origin’s in-house liquid cooling, but it’s already pushing the upper end of the heat.

Those are problems that are only going to affect the most dedicated PC gaming enthusiasts, but sadly, that’s Origin’s target audience. Those are the gamers it has to convince if the Omni is going to find success.


Make or break
A lot of that uncertainty revolves around the breakneck pace of Origin PC gaming. What looks like enough wattage or room for a card now may not be a year or two down the road.

When the system goes on sale sometime in the last quarter of 2016, it will start at $2,000. Origin’s engineers are highly customizable, so expect a setup with a Titan X and 5960X to run above the base cost. That’s far from cheap but it is reasonable taking into account of the systems like the HP Envy 34 are also in that range. And it seems to be cheaper when you consider the $800+ cost of a 34-inch curved monitor – I went with this decision after reading some reviews on Gaming Buff. If any brand is going to bring gamers around to give an all-in-one a shot, it’s Origin among just few others.

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