WhatsApp  mobile Application serves so many mobile users across the planet. Using WhatsApp, the users can text and send image, video and pdf files to each other easily.

WhatsApp is available for the OS platforms like android, iOS and Windows platforms. This Application allows the users to stay in touch with their friends. Moreover, the user could not pay anything to the service provider.

One of the best services that everyone need from any messaging or emailing service is whether it could let the user to recover any deleted messages.

WhatsApp is a pretty solid App, that lets the user to recover the deleted messages, photos and Videos. Most of the WhatsApp users not aware of the backup services of the messaging services, it takes a backup of all shared files for every 24 hours. It keeps the backup files not changed for the last 7 days. Also, there is a way to let the user to use those backup files to restore things.

Following are the ways to recover Whatsapp lost data:

Way 1:

            The simple and straightforward way to restore the deleted data of WhatsApp stuff is,

  • Uninstall the App and install it then back.
  • This method actually use all the backup files, and restore it.

Way 2:

The WhatsApp stores its backup files in the following format,

  • Msgstore-YYYY-MM-DD.1.db.crypt.

The locations of the backup files according to the OS,

  • Android:


  • iOS:


The user have to assume that they are having the backup file now, they need to do is launch a web service, and then the Recover messages would actually get the user to the recover stuff.

Now do the following,

  • Click the Select SQLite File
  • Next, choose the backup file, then click I accept (do it only after reading the terms).
  • Click the Scan button.

Depending on the back file size, the user’s internet speed and to list out the contents, it would take some time to complete the task.