Apple TV Remote App update

Apple TV Remote App
Apple TV Remote App

Do you memorise when the apple made a promise to their fans a fancy remote app for Apple TV this year at the WWDC? If so, then you may be happy to hear that they are ultimately bringing it to life. In spite of all the rumours, the Apple TV Remote App changes to be somewhat simple one. It is mainly a copy of actual life on- screen remote in Apple TV, and truthfully, it is great at restore it.

On the other hand, it is having one great advantage that is if you want to use this app it is the fact that you can now type your question and no need to talk anymore into a remote.  While many (lazy) people wish just to talk and allow Siri to take care everything and there are also some other situations where you can’t able to talk. So this app may help in that type of situations and simply you can type what you want to express. Not to talk about the fact that many people are frightened of privacy disturbances due to the vocal commands that are given for Apple products.

Another advantage for this app is the fact that it saves you from the effort of remembering and entering passwords for remaining apps, like Netflix.  The password suggested to you by safari or else if you use 1 password to create one, this may really get the problem. Though you love Siri so much and can’t run without it, you have still chance to use it inside the app. actually, you can also use your phone like a game remote, for which it is found that it has all the sensors on a regular remote hardware for Apple TV.

It remains to be observed whether people are capable of managing without Siri at least partially, or if they keep on using Apple TV Remote App because they did up to now.

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