Google has recently added a capability called handwriting recognition capability, to their web search interface. This will provide user an option to scribble, search queries without using keyboard. Only thing the user wants to do for using this feature is switching to Handwriting mode. Once the user turn on to Handwriting mode, the entire Google page turns into Scratch pad. It lets the user to write anywhere on the screen and Google will instantly convert your hand writing into digital text format.


The two main features of Google handwriting are

  • The results that are published are very accurate.
  • Even though the conversion happens on Google’s server side, the user will not notice any delay in giving the output.

Google handwriting search, works in most of the touch screen mobiles phones, tablets etc. but if the user wants this feature on their desktop, they have to change the user agent of their browser to ipad or Android. Now, Google will offer the handwriting option in the user’s desktop also. After changing the desktop to handwriting mode, the user can see a new icon in the bottom right hand side corner on the Google’s home page.  If the user Tap on the icon, they can write anywhere on the screen


Whenever the user draws any shape on the Google page, the pattern is captured in an array of X, Y points.  Then the captured patterns are then sent to Google’s IME (Input Method Editor) API as a POST request. Now Google will return a list of possible suggestions. For example, if the user draws a round shape, IME will interpret that as “0, o,O” and if the user draws any straight line, it may interpret that as “ I, 1, 1 “ and one of the options is added to the Google Search Box. Google Handwrite recognizes legible characters. If the user writes their queries in straight block letters, then Google will return the bet results.


  • JavaScript which is associated with Google’s Handwriting has an important feature. Other than letters and digits, the user can also draw Shapes and Google can convert some of the shapes into words. For example, if the user draws a “heart” shape on the search page, then Google will find that shape as heart and displays the searching options relevant to heart.
  • Google handwriting also recognizes emotions, copyright, trademark symbols and check marks.

Android users download it here