Fitbit To Display Time With A Flick Of Your Wrist


Fitbit Charge is a fitness tracker that tracks all your steps and sleep with a Fitbit’s app. It tracks even the user’s heart rate continuously. If you own a Fitbit Charge or a Fitbit Charge HR, then definitely, you might be aware of the excellence of the wristband. It not only tracks your sleep and heart rate, it covers tracking all the activities you do. And mainly if it is HR model, then you need not worry about tracking your activities because this HR model wristband will help you get all these done.

But the Fitbit Tracker consists of a small display that users might not find it comfortable to a higher level. And that small screen will switch on its display only after you press the button on its side. Until then the screen remains dark. How good it would be if a device’s display is switched ON automatically when you wish to know the particulars on its display. Yes! Instead of manually switching ON the display, you can switch it ON with just a flick of your wrist.

Of course, manual display On will save power but it’s a pain to press the button to switch it ON. And What if it is a case when your hands are completely occupied with bags and then you wish to see the time?

No worries! Here it is. There’s a phone app called “Show Clock” which will help you know the time with a flick of your wrist. Now, with this app installed on your phone, you need not press any buttons to know the time. This app will help you know the time simply as what you do with your wrist watch to check the time. Don’t you find this as simple as knowing the time with a wrist watch? Although, it is a fitness tracker which works similar to a wrist watch.

You might not be known for this app before so you haven’t used it before. And now as this tutorial is meant to let you know about the app and its usefulness, you can make use of it. Hope this app will help you use your Fitbit fitness tracker as a wrist watch to know the time automatically when you flick your wrist.

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