What’s at the top of your bucket list? For most people, “Travel More” makes their top five. But that’s easier said than done. Traveling around the world takes careful planning, a little money, and a big dose of inspiration. At Newverest.com, you’ll find more than one kind of scratch map designed and drawn by local artists, all with the idea of inspiring you to travel more.


Every Newverest.com scratch off map is premium quality and made to last, just like your dreams of travel. It’s a great way to build your bucket list. Want to remember all the places you’ve been to? Scratch them off your scratch map. Looking for new places to go? Search your scratch off travel map for exciting new locations you’ve never seen or even heard of before, and add them to the top of your bucket list.

One of the things we loved most when we went to the Newverest.com website was how well it was laid out. The sections for their World scratch map and USA scratch off map were easily identifiable. We didn’t have to waste time sifting through things looking for what we wanted. And within each section of the USA and World scratch-off travel map, Newverest.com lists their different editions of each scratch map.

Their World scratch off map comes in both the original and kid’s edition, so even little explorers can get started on their bucket list. The USA scratch map also comes in their original version as well as a kid’s version, but Newverest.com also makes 2 additional versions—the Traveler’s Special and Voyage edition. They’re just as beautifully done as the original, the only difference is that the original and kid’s scratch map comes with built-in bucket lists, whereas the Traveler’s Special and Voyage edition include 50 scratch-off map state flags.

We think it’s kind of cool that Newverest.com gives you a built-in bucket list with their scratch-off travel map. The World maps both have one too. But that doesn’t mean you can’t still come up with your own ideas. Newverest’s scratch map bucket lists are just a starting point to get your mind thinking and the wheels turning. Feel free to add to them. Your kids will love helping come up with new vacation ideas. And when you do, make sure to mark them on your Newverest.com scratch map.

Each scratch-off map includes push pins to mark travel ideas, a scratch-off tool to scratch away the outer layer, and a cleaning cloth to wipe away any residue. Everything you could possibly need for your scratch-off travel map is already included. You even get an attractive, sturdy gift tube to protect your map during shipping and even after it arrives. With a Newverest.com scratch map, you don’t need to wait to start scratching things off your bucket list, you can start today. So go ahead and get started.

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