Why you need to stop using phone in bed at night

Reasons Not to Sleep with your Phone

How many of us know that smartphones have spoiled our daily sleep cycle. This habit is not going to allow us to sleep as long as we can.

Some people will keep their smartphone under a pillow or nearby their head and sleep. Hugging pillow and trying to sleep will get you deep sleep mood. But if you do the same thing with the smartphone its not good for your health.

This is a complete article for you. Do you know sleeping with your phone will cause how many bad effects?

Brain Cancer

Are there any possibilities to get cancer because of sleeping with mobile phones? – There is no research or study have been conducted on this question. But a study conducted about mobile radiation on rats has found “Yes, there is a possibility to get cancer.”

Brain Effects

But it is not clear whether it is possible for humans. Why are we fuss? What will happen if you sleep with a little smartphone? Keep in mind that radiation exits from mobile phones can “create” the possibility of cancer in the brain and other body parts.

Radiation exiting from the mobile phone will cause cancer and also prone to damage the heart. Studies have shown that women who keep a mobile phone nearby their stomach, breast, and morphine while sleeping, are more likely to have breast cancer.

Not Only Health Problems

Of course.! You need to realize that mobiles not only emit the radiation, but also the heat. Battery problems result in a smartphone explosion and a possibility to burn your pillow. You know the bad things that will happen after that.

Battery Explosion

As mentioned earlier, smartphones have changed our sleep cycle. If you look at Facebook and Whatsapp notifications without sleeping, your body will not have enough time to relax and causes unwanted health problems. The first drug for insomnia is the marginalization of the smartphone.

Alarm Clock

If you are compelled to put the mobile phone under the pillow for just an Alarm, do not say that it’s a reasonable thing. We spend a lot of money. What about an alarm clock? These are the reasons not to sleep with your phone. Think and act.

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