Health Benefits of Drinking Warm Water on an Empty Stomach

Warm Water on an empty stomach


Do you have a habit of drinking warm water on an empty stomach in the morning? Do you know what changes will happen in your body in 3 months? Simply put out the dirt and toxins in the body. Beyond the weight loss, you get the benefits that you cannot imagine. Let’s look at it.

Drinking Warm Water

Whenever we see the ice water, we will flick and drink. But even if we get fever we will try to avoid warm or hot water. But some people, especially, who will follow some diet rules will drink warm water without any other way of thinking. Do not worry about the good thing they do. They drink much warm water which will not only reduce the weight of the body but also prevents a lot of dangerous illness.


Is it right to drink hot water? What kind of risks can be caused by drinking cold water? A Japanese medical team was involved in research whether it is enough to drink water in a normal room temperature. At the end of the study, they found many health issues have been solved by drinking hot water. Let’s see what problems can be prevented if we drink hot water.


By drinking warm water in the early morning, we can prevent the following disease.

  • A migraine
  • High blood pressure
  • Low blood pressure Causes
  • A sudden collapse of the arthritis
  • Improves Heart rate
  • Burns Fat
  • Reduces Cough
  • Asthma
  • Psoriasis
  • Diarrhea
  • Anorexia ENT problems
  • A headache

How to drink

After wake up in every morning, you need to drink about 2 glasses of warm water on an empty stomach. In the early days, drinking 2 glasses of warm water in an empty stomach will be tough. But it will get habituated in few days.

45 Minutes Gap

After drinking hot water, do not take any food, coffee, and tea for the next 45 minutes. This 45-minute interval is very important.

Cold Water/Ice Water


If you are drinking cold water, it may feel good in young age. But when the age is mature it definitely affects you. Avoid the cold water as much as possible. Drink water at normal room temperatures in the afternoon and in summer days.

Cardiovascular problems

cardiovascular Problems

Drinking cold water causes various health problems. The nerves of the heart will get blocked and there is more possible to get the heart attack. Cold water is definitely lead to heart attacks.


Fats in Liver

Drinking cold water causes liver problems. Fats in the body will get settled in the liver and remain in the liver. You know many people who go to liver transplantation. They won’t have a drinking habit hot water.


Drinking too much of cold water damage the internal layer of the stomach. It affects the colon and increases the chance of intestinal cancer.

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