pregnant lady supernatural things

Overactive Senses 

If you want to talk about supernatural things that pregnant lady experience during their pregnancy, then no list is complete without talking about the superpowers that these women develop. One of the most common senses that are intensified in pregnant women is their sense of smell. This may not be the type of superpower that everyone wants to experience, due to the obvious reasons being that not everything smells so great when magnified.

Mood Swings

People far and wide have heard of the fabled mood swings experienced by those who have a tiny human being gestating within their tummies. Mood swings happen to all pregnant women from time to time, often without warning or purpose. Of course, these mood swings to make sense to the expecting mother at the point in time that they are experiencing them.

Many times it is caused by things that mothers are concerned about, such as worries that they will not be a good mother, concerns about supporting their child, and other topics that are enough to set a pregnant woman over the edge with (if not only tears) an emotional breakdown once in a while.

Random Rib Kicks

While it may sound cute to most people that a mother can actually feel their baby’s kicks while in the womb, it is not always fun and games to the mother herself. Mothers-to-be tend to receive the occasional kick to the ribs that can be both jostling and painful when received in such a tender spot.

Imagine getting kicked by something unexpectedly from the inside of your own body, both in your sides and your ribs themselves, and without the ability to actually do anything about it at the moment. Thankfully, there are ways for expecting mothers to soothe the incessant movements of their growing infant. Ways that can be provided to them after a helpful visit to their doctor, such as Dr Rahul Sen, who can provide all of the help they need in settling down these movements from their restless babies.

Needing to Restrict Certain Foods

We have all heard of pregnant women’s food cravings. Some cravings are typical, such as craving spicy food only or extreme amounts of chocolate everything. Other cravings are a little more on the funky side, such as eating somewhat odder combinations like peanut butter and jelly sandwiches with pickles. These types of oddball cravings are expected, however, not everyone knows about pregnant women do have certain foods that they need to avoid while pregnant.

No alcohol is a no-brainer for expecting mothers. What not everyone knows is that caffeine (particularly coffee) is also off the table. As for more solid foods, soft cheeses, undercooked meats, and sushi are things that ought to be avoided at all costs. With worrisome statistical rates for an infant’s well-being something that is always in the backs of expecting mother’s minds, it is a small price to pay to not have the ability to enjoy a real mocha or raw fish for nine months.

They Become Very Popular

Pregnant women are very familiar with how popular they become once people realize they are going to give birth to a baby soon. While a lot of this attention does seem a bit supernatural, it is usually not taken so bad by mothers-to-be. In fact, a lot of the praise and attention provided to them is something that expecting mothers tend to appreciate with open arms.

Although, it goes without saying that not all popularity is well received. All pregnant women can expect to get plenty of advice from a lot of people while pregnant. Some good, some bad. It is up to them to figure out what advice to keep while being able to maintain their cool and understand that most people are coming from a good place when they try to lend out their own parenting advice.

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