Cholesterol is produced in the liver and it is a wax-like substance. It helps in many bodily functions, but an excess of it will lead to many health issues. Having high cholesterol will not cause any symptoms, but it will be dangerous for your heart and lead to a stroke. It is better to control your cholesterol, but if it is increased, we have 10 effective tips to lower your cholesterol quickly.

Decrease Cholesterol


Those are:

  1. Take Hypercet cholesterol formula capsules on a regular basis if you have high cholesterol. It has magnesium, calcium, glucans, and chromium and these ingredients help in healthy blood circulation. It is 100% safe and natural herbal remedy.
  2. Decrease the consumption of saturated fat. It is found in dairy products and red meat which can raise your cholesterol.
  3. Avoid trans fats, it is mainly available in cookies, cakes, and crackers. Trans fat can raise your overall cholesterol level very rapidly.
  4. Doing regular exercises can improve your increased cholesterol. Doing exercises even in short intervals will help you to cut your increased cholesterol and will let you lead a happy and healthy life. It improves your life cycle too.
  5. Try and reduce weight. Even a few kgs extra on your body can lead to high cholesterol and it is better and always suggested by doctors too, that you maintain your BMI (Body Mass Index). It is important to keep a regular check on your weight and force your body to indulge in more activities to maintain it.
  6. It is advisable to eat more polyunsaturated fats. Polyunsaturated fats include omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids. Consuming of such fats can help you reduce your increased cholesterol without any harm on your body. It is mainly available in walnuts, fish, corn oil, etc.
  7. Increase your diet with more soluble fiber, it not only helps your digestive system but also lowers your increased cholesterol and helps your heart to work properly. It is mainly available in fruits, veggies, brown rice, and beans.
  8. Don’t smoke at all. Smoking can increase the risk of heart diseases and can lead to high cholesterol. In smokers, the immunity cells become weaker and they are unable to fight with the increased cholesterol, but at the same time giving up smoking can reverse these harmful effects.
  9. Avoid excess of alcohol consumption. Having anything in excess will be a good idea, but alcohol is definitely not. Try and consume alcohol in moderation. A drink once in a day for women of all ages is enough and up to two drinks in a day for men of all ages. Too much alcohol will definitely lead you to serious problems.
  10. Last but not least is a laugh as much as you can. Laughter is very important; it is one of the best medicines for any to every disease. It lowers your stress level and makes you feel better if you laugh throughout your day and that too from the heart. There are many things by which you can keep yourself happy and laugh is watch funny movies, shows, etc.

These tips will definitely help you, but to visit a doctor for a regular checkup is a must.

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