HP Spectre Laptop Review

HP Spectre laptop Review

If you were looking for a premium ultraportable laptop, chances are more to look at a Mac. Apple’s laptops dominated the segment for so long. It seems like no one else is even trying anymore but HP is trying to change that narrative with a new Spectre. HP Spectre is an ultra light, ultra thin, premium Windows 10 laptop with an equally premium price tag.

Ultra thin HP Spectre laptop


It’s easy to compare the Spectre to the mac because it’s so light and thin. It’s really like each, HP took the best of what the mac offers and blended it with the best of what the MacBook Air offers and weighs just under two and a half pounds measures a scan 10.4millimeters thick when it’s close. And it’s a 13.3inch display with a full-size keyboard.

HP Spectre laptop configuration and price

HP is selling this for $1169 to start with and the unit that I’ve been testing which has a Core i7 processor 8gigs of RAM and 256gigs of storage cost $1249. The Spectre is really striking to look at as a dark carbon finish it stands out from the sea of aluminium silver computers and also has this really shiny gold hinge it catches your eye but also catches a ton of fingerprints which means that it doesn’t really look so great. After a few minutes of using it, the next thing you notice about the Spectre is that it doesn’t have a touchscreen it doesn’t detach and it doesn’t try to be anything more than a traditional laptop. The 1080P screen isn’t as high-resolution as you can get on other computers but it’s perfectly sharp at this size.

HP Spectre laptop Keyboard

Only real complaint here is that the hinge doesn’t talk back as far as I’d like it to which makes it a little uncomfortable to use when I’m standing at the keyboard it’s really nice to type on it’s got well space keys and much better. That’s also really good too. It’s moving glassine tracks really nice. It’s a little small and feels prints compared to other computers that largely attracts. Like a Mac, the Spectre relies on USB Type C for all of its activity but unlike the Mac with HP gives you three ports instead of one or two of these support Thunderbolt connections for fast data transfer and all three handle power is different. More convenient to have multiple USB ports and just one but because USB Type C is still really new. I have to carry around a bunch of adapters and play anything into it.

HP Spectre laptop USB Ports

Unlike the MacBook, the Spectre has Intel’s more powerful chips inside. So it doesn’t really get bogged down too easily to Core i7 chip in the one that I’ve been testing has been able to handle everything I throw at it. Whether it’s multitasking web browsing photo editing or any another productivity task. You’re definitely not can be gaming on this machine but for productivity stuff, the Spectre definitely has a power. Unfortunately, that performance doesn’t extend to its battery life. The Spectre to last about 5 to 6hours between charges that my daily use which isn’t enough to last a full day and definitely less than I can get to the Apple MacBook Air the battery life isn’t so bad to be a deal breaker. If you want the open road warrior machine the Spectre probably isn’t beside my complaints is the battery life. Spectre is really an excellent laptop. It’s really well made it looks great has lots of performance and it’s so thin and light that carrying it around everywhere isn’t really urgent Apple may still be the king of premium laptops but each is assured that it can play this game too. And as a result, the Spectre’s an excellent laptop put them on that.

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