Convert Google Books To Kindle Format

Google hosting millions of books from public domain , which can be downloaded for free in kindle. The main problem is, the ebooks available on google websites are in ePUB format(electronic publication) which kindle does not support. However the reader can convert ePUB format into MOBI or AZW , using a free software called Calibre and then read those google books on their kindle. This following steps will teach you about convert Google Books To Kindle Format.


Here are the steps for converting .EPUB to kindle form with caliber

  • Download caliber from its website and install it.
  • In the welcome window , select the model of your kindle , as well as a location for your ebook library.
  • Next, the setup wizard will ask about the email delivery of your books.
  • Select “add books “ button to import the existing ebooks to the calibre’s library.
  • Then connect kindle to your pc. When you have made the connection, the device icon will appear on the Calibre’s toolbar.
  • Next drag the ebook that you’d like to read on your kindle, from the calibre’s library to the device icon.
  • Now caliber will automatically convert the ebook  and upload it to your kindle.
  • The progress of transformation can be monitored by selecting the progress icon in the bottom right corner.