LG Watch Urbane 2nd Edition Review


Does a couple of weeks ago Google announced the next generation of its Android Wear platform. It promises to make smart watches much more independent from your phone. And that’s not going be available until later this year but you can kind of get a taste of what’s to come with LG Watch Urbane 2nd edition LTE. Unlike every other Android wear Watch this LG has a cellular radio inside of it which means that if you don’t have your phone with you. You can still use your watch. You can get the watch from AT&T and it’s pretty expensive either way. AT&T for three hundred sixty bucks but they’ll hold you for two hundred dollars if you sign up for two years of data service on it and Verizon’s even more expensive. They sell for five hundred dollars or four hundred fifty if you sign up for a 2-year data plan. Both carriers charge ten bucks a month for service on it which is pretty pricey for something that’s not your phone or your tablet or your laptop.


At its base, it remains just like any other Android wear watch here’s where it’s different. If you go out and have to leave your phone at home and it’s connected to wifi or so you or your brain will act just the same as if your phone was in your pocket and paired over Bluetooth. You can see the occasions, you can use apps, you can perform voice searches. You can even make phone calls and send or receive text messages but if your phone isn’t connected to the network for whatever reason the watch becomes much dumber and only lets you use its offline functions. The AT&T model will still let you make and receive phone calls and send receive text messages but the rise in Verizon will only let you receive forward phone calls. You can’t do for voice searches. You can’t use apps. You can’t launch anything. It’s really just a watch on your wrist.

I’m using AT&T model it definitely works when it’s not connected directly to my phone. It’s much slower especially when it’s looking up information or transcribing text phone calls are usable in a quiet environment. It can be hard to hear the watch a speaker when it’s noisy. It’s definitely not something I’d want to rely on or use more than one or two times as a Watch Urbane is pretty large it’s got a nice round sharp crisp display metal body. The battery lasts all day and there aren’t any major frustrations with gladness in the interface or anything like that. Unfortunately, the rubber strap is pretty stiff and uncomfortable and you can’t change it which is a bit frustrating. Those two extra buttons on side of the Urbane that you don’t get with other injury wear watches programmed one of them to launch your contact list and another one to launch a physical activity tracker. Unfortunately, that can’t be reprogrammed which is the way more useful if you can send to apps that you actually use. So here’s how you should look at the LG watch urbane second edition of it’s a preview of what’s the count. I would recommend you buy it right now it’s just too expensive and it’s extra options over regular Internet where watches don’t justify its monthly service costs.It’s going to get a lot more interesting later this year when Android where two point zero comes out at that point you might even want a so you’re connected watch has all of its functions without your phone and lets you install absolutely to the watch but for now you’re better off choosing one of the other many Android Wear options.

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