Online Tools To Convert Text To Speech

text to speech

We spend most of our time in reading some kind of text whether it is online or offline. The text may be articles, news, ebooks or any other documents. It might take a lot of time and effort to understand the text properly. Do you think if there is an option to reduce our time and effort? Yes! There is. Here comes the text to speech converter.

There are online tools to convert text to speech that can be downloaded for free. These Software tools read the content aloud and make the content understandable. These tools can also be used those who are interested in learning languages and can even be helpful for differently abled persons.

Here is a list of online tools to convert text to speech.


Natural Reader is a free online tool that supports the conversion of the text documents of any file type. It works with pdf files, Word documents, web pages, ebooks and many others. You can simply open the document and listen to the content in Natural Reader. You can even synchronize them with your mobile devices.

Natural Reader includes multiple natural vocal sounds and additionally, there are paid voices in different languages. Other features of Natural Reader includes voice speed and pitch control, conversion of multiple documents to MP3 files.

This tool is available on Windows XP, 7, 8, Vista, and 10, Mac OS X 10.9 and in the later versions. Also, there are paid versions of the Natural Reader that have even more features than the free version.

2. Balabolka:

Balabolka is another Software that can speak aloud the content of different file types. It can open the supported text file in the clipboard directly or you can copy and paste the text into the program. This Software comes with a number tools that can be used to batch convert files, extract text from audio files, and a lot more. It supports to convert many languages that include French, Greek, Spanish, Romanian along with English.

The platforms available to install this tool for free are Windows XP, Vista, 7, 8, and 10. Not only, reading the text aloud, it can also save the narrations as audio files in a number of formats. These formats include MP3 and WAV.

3. Read Aloud:

Read Aloud makes you add a web address that has to be browsed by the software and reads the text read aloud. You can even paste the text directly into the panel under the TextPad tab to be read aloud. This Software supports a huge collection of natural sounding voices for free. It also has still more when they are purchased online. There are a few other added tools like customizing audio tags, insertion and skipping prompts for sections, spell checking, hotkeys, and such others. It consists of a robust text management options to make reading easier than with other Software.

This Software can be installed on all devices with Windows OS. Also, there are a plethora of features on the paid version of Read Aloud tool.

4. eSpeak:

This Software can read aloud only the TXT and XML documents in a various number of voices. When you copy and paste the text in its window, it can not only convert into speech but also WAV files which can be opened and played. You are allowed to adjust the speech speed and volume according to your choice. This Software includes all the basic voice control/reading options such as pause, skip, and reset. More than this, eSpeak supports a wide range of languages like Estonian, Norwegian, Cantonese, Latvian, and Swedish. It can work as a command line tool.

This free online tool can be installed on all Windows OS from Windows XP to Windows 10 and Mac OS X.

5. Zabaware TTS Reader:

This free version of Zabaware Text to Speech Reader uses the speech synthesizer to read the documents aloud in generic voices. This Software works with web pages, clipboard content, Window prompts and emails. This will be most useful for persons with visual disabilities, reading, and concentration problems in reading more content quickly with a considerably increased speed which will also be understandable.

There is a unique feature of Zabaware TTS Reader that it can automatically read standard window dialogs like pop-ups which alert you whenever needed. This reader can be installed on all Windows OS.

6. Read4Me TTS Clipboard Reader:

Read4Me TTS Clipboard Reader reads the text in the clipboard aloud by simply hitting a hotkey. This tool allows you to set several hotkeys targeted for multiple voices, adjusting the rate of speech and volume for a variety of multiple languages. This tool is capable of converting text documents to MP3. This can be easily carried with us as an audio file wherever we go.

7. Ivona:

Ivona is a multiple language Text to Speech Technology. This TTS can constantly innovate, research, and produce high-quality output with good voice and accuracy. It gives you the maximum of its performance on all devices with whatever platform it is on. You can get cloud assistance for recording and can receive technical support at all the stages of the execution process.

8. Text To WAVs:

THis reader is almost similar to the Balabolka reader since it supports to read aloud the TXT and XML documents. This Text To WAVs reader can support to read out TXT or HTML files and also any typed text. More than this it can convert .txt or .html files to WAV and you can choose from many different voices. Additionally, you can also adjust the rate of speech, volume or the pitch of the robotic voice by adjusting the slider in the direction you want. Yes, you can also adjust the text font. Text to WAVs is a portable program that does not need to be installed.

These are some of the best free online tools to convert Text to Speech with ease and quickly.

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