Tips To send fax freely anywhere in the world

If the user doesn’t have a fax machine or the cost of sending an international fax seems to be very expensive, then here is a simple way to send Free Fax, anywhere in the world.


Hellofax is an online fax company. Recently it has partnered with Microsoft. This lets the user to send up to 50 pages per month to any fax machine in the world with no cost. The only thing the user needs is a Microsoft account (hotmail or windows Live ID) and a web browser.


Here are the steps which says how to send free faxes using hellofax .

  • Go to .
  • Select “signup with Microsoft” link.
  • Once if the user signed up, they can just upload any document.
  • Then, enter the fax number with the respective country code to send the fax online.
  • A copy of the outbound fax document will be automatically saved in the sender’s skydrive, if the fax has been delivered successfully.
  • Hellofax can also be used to send Word documents, PDF files, Images, text files, and many other formats.
  • The user can also select files directly from Skydrive, DropBox etc and they can fax them.


  • Anyone can send a fax to the user’s fax number.
  • The user will receive the faxes as an email attachment.
  • Then the user can send faxes as an email attachment.

The hellofax free account can be used only for sending faxes to other numbers. If the user wants to receive faxes, then they have to buy an incoming fax number which costs about $7.99 per month.