Urethane molding is considered as a primary procedure in the processes related to prototyping, bridging, and runs related to low-volume production. The processes through which urethane molding or polyurethane molding is carried out quite similarly to other manufacturing processes, including plastic injection molding. The major points of differences exist in the overall costs as well as the cycle time of the manufacturing processes. Cast urethane molding is a type of soft tooling process of manufacturing in comparison to hard tooling.

When Should You Consider Choosing Urethane Molding

Molding of the Cast Urethane Parts

The creation of the cast urethane molding parts involves three simple steps. The first step is concerned with the creation of a master part with the help of the 3d printing stereolithography process –referred to as SLA. The master part with the help of 3D printing, is then used for the creation of a silicone mold. The mold created is then used for casting the urethane parts. The respective manufacturing process is known to bear the reduced cost along with faster turnaround time in comparison to the steel molds that are typically used with the injection molding processes.

Benefits of Cast Urethane Molding

For those who are starting out on cast urethane molding, it is obvious to come across the question of why one should choose urethane molding in the first place. There are several reasons to choose the process of urethane molding for the production of specific items. Some are:

  • The versatility of the Materials: Using urethane molding, you are given the opportunity to test different materials in a typical silicone mold without having the need to sacrifice part geometry due to shrinking.
  • Faster Turnaround Time of the Tooling Process: The silicone molds can be easily produced and be made ready for shooting within a few days.
  • Wide Range of Applications: Urethane is mostly used during the product development phase of high-end products in a wide number of industrial applications.

Urethane molding is the production process that is considered ideal for creating production parts that are highly functional. Additionally, the process can also be utilised for engineering verification of intricate designs, beta & alpha builds, pre-production as well as low-volume production of various parts or components. The overall speed, as well as the cost of the urethane molding production process, are the factors that appeal to the manufacturers out there. As urethane molding allows for faster turnaround time in the manufacturing of high-end production parts, it can help in bridging the gap between the ramping up of the production process and the closing of the deadlines quickly. Moreover, it also provides for improved development of the market strategy –, particularly in highly competitive scenarios.

High-end urethane molding processes help in imparting high value to the parts or components that you manufacturing during low-volume production processes. You can consider making the most of the urethane molding by hiring services from a reliable cast urethane molding service provider. You can search for the best ones out there by doing some research on the basis of work experience as well as customer reviews.

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