Viewing Website Services Tracking

 Website Services Track


While you are visiting a page on the internet it’s a good change that a service on that page will follow you. Below list is some of the common ways a web page that follows you when it’s being viewed. Install Ghostery , for better  understanding  about each tracking services and block services. It is a free tool which gives you more details about each service and also shows all tracking services. The image will show an example for Ghostery window for the CNN website, which contains eight services tracking the visit, however, six of the services have been stopped.

How a website may track you

  • Many sites gather analytical data using services like Google Analytics to assist the owner of a website how their web page is using.
  • Sites through share buttons from Google+, Facebook, and other social networks also follow every visitor that view the share button or a social network plugins. Users logged into these social services can be tracked and also distribute the pages to the services.
  • Many advertisers like Google (Double Click) will track where their advertisement banners are displayed.
  • Most of other services which monitor traffic, patterns, mobile, brands etc. for investigating and advertisers.

These are the tips to view website services tracking.

Visit And Install Ghostery

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