If happiness had a smell, it would smell like freshly-ground coffee. And what better than a whiff of freshly-ground coffee-beans being brewed in a French press? Preparing your perfect French-press coffee is no rocket-science. All you require is some patience and care…and unparalleled love for coffee! Are you a coffee fanatic looking for the perfectly brewed coffee to kickstart your day? Them come along, as we present to you a step-by-step guide on preparing the best French-press coffee.

French Press Coffee

French Press Coffee preparation

  1. Set the Kettle Boiling

    Start by boiling plain water in a kettle or pan. Let the water increase in temperature, releasing tiny bubbles – but don’t wait longer. For French-press, it’s best to take the kettle off the heat when it’s just about to reach boiling point – i.e., at around 205 degrees. If the temperature of water exceeds this mark, your coffee is likely to turn bitter. As a beginner, you may use a thermometer to measure the temperature of the water.

  1. Extracting the Flavours From Every Bean…

    There is a burst of flavours ensconced in each bean of coffee – waiting to be carefully utilized. Your coffee beans must be ground uniformly to derive all the flavours for your French press coffee. A burr coffee-grinder ensures consistently even grinding of your coffee beans. Nothing beats the rich aroma of freshly-ground coffee-beans; so, it’s always a good idea to grind your beans just before you prepare your coffee. A quick tip: Adding a tiny pinch of kosher salt to your ground coffee enhances its flavours.

  1. Let’s Prepare the Coffee!

    It’s now time to pour the water over the ground coffee into the French press. Watch as the water therapeutically blends in with every granule of coffee, absorbing all its flavours as it fills up to the brim of your press. Once all grinds are moist with water, you can start stirring the mixture with a non-metallic spoon made of bamboo, plastic etc. Using a metallic spoon can cause the French press to form cracks. Now let’s stir a little more…and look, the decoction has turned frothy within a few seconds! You can now put the press on to preserve its heat. The best French press coffee makers are compact and don’t let the flavours of the coffee escape them. 

  1. Let the Coffee Take Its Course

    Now, let’s rest the coffee rest in the French press for the decoction to set. Ideally, the coffee is allowed to sit inside the French press for precisely 4 minutes. However, depending on how mild or strong you want your coffee to be, you can open it a little earlier or later.

  1. Time for the French ‘Press’…

    Now it’s time to press the coffee…but slow and easy does it. If the coffee is pressed too fast, the oil from it may float on the surface, and the taste will not be uniform. Be sure to press down your coffee for at least half a minute for the best results. High-quality French press coffee makers are sturdy and ensure a hassle-free pressing process.

  1. Start Your Day, the French Press Way!

    Your coffee is now ready to serve! For best results, serve the coffee immediately to prevent it from getting too strong and bitter. Sit by the window by yourself or with your loved ones and feel the warm French press coffee enliven your taste-buds and reverberate through your senses.

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