Learning about web apps that let us easily annotates web pages


While you are referring a web page, there is a long form article that is published in The New York Times, and liked to share with your friend. As the article being lengthy then there is a possibility that your friend may skip the lines that you really wanted to tell her to read as she is busy. How do you focus her attention on the page as most interesting stuff?
TLDRify and Genius are useful web apps that annotate web pages much such as yellow highlighter pens those are used on printed page. These services let you highlight any specific sentence or paragraph on web page and create direct deep links to highlighted text. If people click the shared link, they open the original page on concord with annotated text.

How to Annotate and Deep Link Web Pages

link-specific-partThere is music lyrics website named Genius that provides a web annotator that helps us to add context and also commentary on a webpage. The best thing of Genius is that there is no need to install any browser extensions or bookmarklets to use the annotator that is in specific location of a webpage within a site. Move to browser`s address bar and place genius.it/ before URL.
Then sign-in with the Face book or Google accountlink-specific-part

then you will be able to do add annotations to the present page. To start, highlight a sentence on the page and then Genius button should be clicked that pops-up to add your own comment. Genius provides you with a unique hyperlink that directly opens the page with the highlighted annotation.

link-specific-partThe useful app next to Genius is TLDRify. Here you need a browser extension or bookmarklet on concord there`s no need to sign-up for an account to annotate web pages. Unlike Genius this may also show annotations left on the same page by other users, TLDRify links will only show the highlights done by us linking to specific part of the page without anchor.
At the time you are accessing web page, select any paragraph or sentence, click the TLDRify bookmarklet and creates a deep link to text that is highlighted. When people choose the link and click on it then the browser will scroll to the annotated text automatically.

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