Set Up Wink Robot

How To Set Up Wink Robot to Automate Your Smart-Home Devices

Wink hub is an excellent smart-home hub that allows you to connect a number of different devices to it. Apart from this, it lets you automate devices so they can work together to make your life easier. The wink hub is capable of translating all the varieties of protocols into one particular form. This will be easier for the Wink hub to monitor and control the devices. All these can be accomplished using Wink Robot.

A robot is an automation task consisting of a trigger and an action. This is similar to the task of IFTTT. For instance, connect a smart light bulb and a motion sensor to the Wink hub. Now you can set a robot to make them work together. So whenever the sensor detects any motion, it will automate the smart light to turn ON and otherwise OFF.

It is really simple to set up robots with Wink hub. So let us see the motion detection through the Wink hub. Whenever the motion sensor detects motion, it makes the light glow automatically. And it will get turned OFF after a few seconds when the motion goes undetected.

But all this needs a Wink app(Android / iOS) to be downloaded on your smartphone. After having this app installed on your smartphone, follow the below steps to get the Wink hub do its work. Now open to the Wink app and click on the menu button on the top-left corner of the screen.

Wink Robot AppStep 1: Open the Wink app and click on the menu button on the top-left corner of the screen.

Step 2: Then click on the Robots tab at the bottom of the screen.

Step 3: Tap on the “New Robot”

Step 4: Now, a screen will appear which asks to specify a name for the Robot. Give a name of the Robot according to the work it does so that it will be easy to identify a Robot among others. Click on done.

Step 5: Following below in the “If this Robot detects” section on the same screen, click on something and select the device which will trigger the action

Step 6: After this, select “Motion” on the following screen.

Step 7: Then, Select “Detects Motion” and tap on “Save”

Step 8: Then follows, “Anytime” which will keep the motion detection turned ON all the time. Or else you can set a time period for which you need the Robot to work.

Step 9: Tap on “Make this happen” under “Then”

Step 10: Select a device (depending on your requirement) that will activate when the motion sensors detect a motion

Step 11: In the following screen, tap on “OK” and adjust the brightness and color temperature if the bulb supports. Then, tap on “Save”.

Step 12: Finally, tap on “Done” on the top-right corner of the screen after everything is completely filled.

Now you can see the Wink Robot which you have created in the list. And if you ever want to delete that robot, just disable the robot. Then you cannot see the robot in the list.

You need to create another Robot to turn OFF the bulb when there is no motion detected. For which you need to tap on “For longer than(optional)” option and fill the credentials as required.

A Wink Robot to ready to turn ON the bulb when it detects a motion and turns OFF otherwise. So A wink Hub will be used to connect both the devices to it to create a Robot.

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