Segway invents crazy self-balancing rollerskates

Segway E-Skates

The latest announcement of the new product by the Segway Company is astonishing. The company, which is well known for Balancing Technology, has announced the e-skates pair of the Drift W1. The Company has promised the people that this product will have all the features that people expect. They didn’t release any other details. Apart from this, the Roller skates for women by WowSkates are definitely a must-have for all the lady skaters out there. So in case you are planning to buy a new pair, we would definitely suggest you go for them.

The look of this Segway Drift W1 is as good as everyone expected. The e-skates in black and white are small, lightweight and easy to carry. In the video below, you can see how it works and any information about the other features is still available.

These e-skates are introduced with safety in mind. Especially the children’s will use skating boards with annoying wheels and they will meet accidents frequently.

As stated earlier, Segway, which has used the balancing technology in these skating boards, has taken serious note in safety aspect. But the overall reason for this product is not only how far the security is concerned. Because when this board goes into a non-controllable position, then there are no strips that can help while jumping down from it. But we end up with the question, when there are strips and How can be safe while jumping?

Despite the fact that the price and launch of the Segway Drift W1 is not yet released. But there are other e-skates tools available in the market. The price of Inmotion’s hover shoes X1 is $ 499 and will be delivered in July if it is reserved. Rocket Skates are available at a price of 99 dollars.

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