Mobile Phones are prohibited in petrol stations


petrol stations

The most important thing that we must do is we should switch off our mobiles when we were in petrol stations but frequently we forget to do that work. This is said by the General Traffic Regulations, which exactly banned “keeping the engine, lights, as well as electrical systems such as radio or devices that emit electromagnetic radiation turned on”.

The latter case could apply to mobile phones according to traffic regulations. At this point, we all distinguish that these devices are low-power radio-frequency transmitters (between 450 and 2700 MHz), by the peak value which ranges between 0.1 and 2 watts. Are they really collapse the petrol station?

petrol stations

The two greatest issues arise in the petrol station when the mobile phones used are a possibility to have explosion or fire in the petrol station as said in Naukas. If something happened like that could you keep your phone turn on in the petrol station? Science said no, as these devices produce a very small amount of energy(less than 1 w/cm2).

Because of imperfect battery, the mobile phone could produce a flash at a petrol station that is the only way, which is improbable and also have a chance to occur in the car’s own battery. There is less chance that an explosion could occur from the gases which are produced by the pipe and not from the fuel as the possibility is remote.


The fact is that the use of mobile phones may be more dangerous like a source of distraction than as the possible source of an explosion. There are no documented incidents at petrol stations   associated to explosions or fires caused by the use of mobile phones according to the report from the petroleum Equipment Institute.


In brief, the scientific proof does not support the theory that these devices create serious accidents. Though, you must keep in mind that using mobiles in petrol stations may result in people being run over, carelessness with pedestrians and the car etc., Due to these reasons mobile phones are banned in petrol stations and you can evade a possible 90 euro fine.

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