5 Tips Smartphone: To Tune Up Your Smartphone

tune up your smartphone


We know that smartphones can do multitasking and a lot of things besides calls. However, when you want to get some high-end smartphone experience, sometimes you have to spend a little bit more money. Here are the tips and tricks to tune up your smartphone.

Can it be possible to do all of the smartphone improvements without spending too much money?

We all live in a multi-colored Instagram generation and we want to take a great and bigger picture and post it online. There are many different types of filters that are used in many applications, but they all take our time (in the process) and money (including Internet costs).

1. Paste the transparent tape on the camera

Sketch pen

In fact, editing and photo filtering need more concentration and it is a boring job. If you ask if there is any way you can easily add the filters without doing anything – Yes it is. Stick a transparent tape on your phone’s camera and color(as you wish) it with the sketch pen. Now, snap a photo and you will get a surprising photo.

2. A suitable VR glass for you!


The virtual reality is the most popular and intriguing one and is somewhat valuable. Many games and videos are created to add this specific experience called VR.

Find an online template

VR Template

Are you the one who wants to enjoy it at cheaper prices? Then you plan to do the VR specs for yourself, there is a simple procedure to do this. Find an online template for your VR mirror, print it, cut the pad with the base, put it on the forms, and finally fit the convex lens. That’s all – the VR Class Ready!

3. A joystick for your phone.

Joy stick

When playing a game on your smartphone, if you have a joystick, you would have thought this game would have a better experience. Would you believe that it’s really possible, and it’s possible to do something without it? You have to trust

Take 2 rubber bands and roll up

Joystick DIY

First, cut a plastic bottle into 2 pieces. Then use the scissors to cut a piece of 4-6 inches wide around the bottle. Take a little flask and put it on an aluminum plate and prepare it as a shiny ball. Then roll up the cut plastic strip and paste the pinches. Then take 2 rubber bands and attach to a rolled plastic circle and get to the bottom of your smartphone. Now let’s run this game and use it as a joystick. Enjoy.!

4. The Trick for Close-up Photos!

Would you like to take close-up photos with your phone, but did not your camera allow it? Can not buy a smartphone with an expensive macro effect camera lens? Worried. There is a very simple trick.

You need to find an old laser pointer

laser light

You have to spend a few minutes to perform this. You can create a one-on-one close-up camera. You need to find an old laser pointer. The bogus lenten inside it must be discarded. Then connect it to the back side camera with a hairpiece or connect your camera with the appropriate way and see the camera on. The effect will be unbelievable.

5. Create your stylus.!

Stylus for your Smartphone

Styluses for smartphones are not very popular, although in some cases they actually have places that we really need. For example, if you want to draw pictures on your phone or tablet, your fingers will not be appropriate; Not applicable.

It does not scratch your display.

In this place, you will need a stylus. But they are expensive. As usual, you will create your stylus yourself. It is a perfect and simple way to do it. All you have to do is to cut a simple aluminum sheet and roll it over a pen. Press the edges tightly and make it like a stylus and then use it. Do not be afraid, it will not scratch your display

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