If you have a business where a lot of material has to be carried every now and then, buying a truck trailer will be the best option for you. For that, you need to consider various factors and pick the most suitable product. To help you out, we have brought here X benefits of one of the most used trailers, i.e., box body trailers in India. These points will assist you in judging the product and deciding whether it is fit for your individual use or not.

Box Body Trailers

#1 Security

Unlike flatbed trailers, these aren’t open and unsecured. The walls on all sides help in keeping your material safe from falling. Plus, you don’t necessarily need to tie the stock to keep it in one place or stop it from falling from the trailer. Even if the truck needs to move on an uneven road, everything will be held in place. It also enables you to carry a lot of things in these trailers. Usually, they don’t have an upper covering. But you can cover it using some sheets so that the material can be transferred in the rainy weather without any hassle. Overall, these are more secure and safe to be used for various purposes.

#2 Space For Advertising

No matter how much we deny, conventional advertising methods still have a lot of scope for businesses. However, they also require some sort of investment to be carried out correctly. The most crucial point is that you can’t just put a billboard at one location and expect everyone to see it. You have to spread the word by using the name of your business in various places. This purpose can be solved with a box body trailer. You don’t have to pay extra for billboards. You can simply put your company’s name on all your trailers, and people will notice it wherever the vehicle goes. So, you get a promotional benefit with this.

#3 Reduced Transportation Cost

When it comes to carrying a large amount of stuff that needs safe transportation, people usually opt for smaller packed vehicles. This way, they ensure the material won’t break during the transport. While it is a great method, it can also increase costs because of limited space on the smaller vehicle. You need to get more carriers, or the same one will have to take more rounds. Therefore, the overall price of transportation will be raised. If you want to avoid this, a side wall or box body trailer is your solution. These provide enough space for bulky items to be carried. Plus, the safety factor is always there. Hence, you save money on the transportation of the products.

#4 Multiple Lengths

If you are worried about the trailer fitting in your requirements or not, then, you need not take the stress. The box body trailers are available in various lengths. You can pick one as per your truck and your specific needs. Some trailer manufacturers provide the facility of customization. So in case you don’t find your perfect match already built, you can ask them to make it for you.

#5 Convertible Side Walls

Along with the length, you can also select the type of side walls you require. The two options available are:

  • Drop Down: The box body trailers generally have an opening on the backside of the trailer. You need to put the stuff through that only. However, the problem occurs when the things you are putting into it are more massive than that little opening. For these times, you can opt for the drop-down side walls. This makes your work easy by providing enough space to put in your stuff.
  • Removable: You may require the trailer for multiple purposes, where for once the walls are needed; otherwise, they aren’t. In such cases, you have two options: multiple trailers or removable walls. Both can be useful based on how you will use it. But the second option fits in most of the uses of the trailer. Plus, you don’t need to spend additional money on getting two trailers for both uses.


In simple words, the box body trailer in India can be highly beneficial for you. But you still need to examine your purpose for using it and check for all available trailer options. Once you are sure that the box body trailer will solve your purpose, then only invest in it. Otherwise, you can go with other alternatives like a flatbed trailer or tip trailers. Along with all this, it is also crucial to select the right manufacturer. A reliable designer of the trailer will provide you with suitable products which will go with you for a longer time. So you won’t need to fix it every now and then.

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