A holiday is a perfect time to dedicate your time to the activities you enjoy. What’s more, it’s even better to broaden your horizons and start doing things you’ve never done before. Bungee jumping, travelling, reading a book, or taking various courses can be a great way to learn and experience new things while taking a break from the hectic everyday life. Check out some of our recommendations for perfect holiday activities.

spend your holiday

Join a book club

If you’re a huge book lover, and you enjoy discussing the works of your favourite author, join, or better yet, create a holiday book club. Pick up a couple of friends who enjoy reading, let them bring some of their friends, and revel in the holiday season by having book club meetings and exchanging thoughts on the current book. It could be a great opportunity to meet new people or get to know some old friends a bit better.

join a travel club

Another thing you should do is use this chance to catch up on your reading. You’ve surely missed a few books back in the day because you haven’t had enough time for them, which is why now is the time to make things right. Reading is amazing for your mental and physical health, and it will help you boost your cognitive abilities, build your vocabulary, and prevent depression, which is great for you no matter how old you are.

Learn new things

Taking a cooking class, a language course, or taking tennis classes will definitely make the holiday interesting. Learning how to cook is a great and necessary skill we should all learn. What’s more, you might just find out that you have a great talent, so you could end up taking some more difficult courses and end up mastering the skill.

If you plan to travel to a foreign country, learning the language would make the communication much easier, and you’d be able to get to know the culture and tradition much better. Furthermore, you could discover that you have a great ability to acquire language, so you might wish to learn another, and make the holiday even more interesting.

Getting into a sport is the best way to get in shape and stay healthy. If you don’t usually take classes in a certain sport, taking tennis, swimming or skating classes could be a great way to spend the holiday. Get in shape, and meet some new interesting people while enjoying the vacation.



Travelling the country or visiting some new continent and getting to know various cultures is a perfect way to spend your holidays. The more traditions and cultures we know, the richer our knowledge about the world is. However, if you still haven’t saved enough money for a long journey, travelling around your own country could be just as great as travelling abroad.

Therefore, set out on a journey of a lifetime in a caravan, an RV, or a rental car, and create the best memories. Take some amazing pictures, enjoy the scenery, and revel in those precious moments. Basically any destination you opt for will be quite all right, but if you live in Australia, not just any destination will be good enough. What you need to do is plan your journey ahead and figure out the details before you hit the road. Start by finding an affordable car rental in Cairns and start your adventure in the best possible way. After you do that, find a few more destinations, book a hotel, and enjoy your Australian road trip.


Summer schools are very popular nowadays, and many children use the opportunity to attend them. You could have a great time teaching kids numerous skills, and spending time with little ones. If you are a skilled language speaker or you are a great painter, and you like spending time with children, start teaching them those amazing skills and make their holiday unforgettable.

Enjoy nature

Enjoy Nature

Getting in touch with nature is an amazing experience, and all the gorgeous sceneries, mountains, rivers, lakes, oceans, forests, and wildlife will give you a one-of-a-kind experience everyone should have. Therefore, take a couple of friends with you and go camping in the wilderness, or spend a weekend with your children, hiking and having a great time. There’s no better way to spend your holidays than with the people that make you happy.

Of course, these aren’t the only ways to spend your holiday but are surely among the most enjoyable ones. Look into these ideas as soon as you can, and you’ll surely have the time of your life!

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