Do you know that water fountains are a great way to relieve stress? If you are living in an area that has pond fountains, you are advised to visit them often because they provide relaxation at the end of a day’s work. Who does not like to see and hear a water fountain? Its soothing sound and view can make everyone’s mood in minutes. Now you can beat the stress with the help of a fountain that you can install anywhere outdoors or at home.

Water Fountain Pumps

Water fountains are available with adjustable pumps that can help you to manage its flow. Moreover, they are the backbone of any water fountain, and if you do not periodically check the pump, your water fountain won’t work properly due to the accumulation of debris.

You can install fountains in your backyard pond or order indoor fountains as well from the number of options available to you. The pumps of the water fountain lift the water through the fountainhead and spray outside in circular motion. Most backyard fountain pumps are submersible, i.e. the water which moves in the water and spray water outside. The fountainhead has a specialized type of nozzle that helps you to manage the flow of the water from the fountain. You can adjust its nozzle accordingly and spray in the air and then back in the pond. Remember, water fountains are designed to provide aeration and send a lot of water in the air.

Water pumps are the main body of the fountain, which helps circulating water to create ripples in the water surface for aeration. If you have a pond outside the house and want to maintain it, you can decorate it with a great fountain. Since pumps are an essential feature of a fountain, you must know the different types of pumps available in the market and how you can handle and maintain them to use for many years to come.

What are the different types of pumps?

  1. Feature Pumps– These types of pumps are designed with features like pebble pool fountains, ornaments, and self-controlled features. They are quite big size filters and are not suitable in a garden pond. Most come in the market with a standard size.
  2. Fountain Feature waterfall pumps– These pumps have multiple uses as they are designed to operate fountains, waterfalls, and filters. They come with various fountain jets and have a foamless pre-filter for maintenance. If you have small and medium-sized fountains, they are perfect pumps for your garden. The fountainhead has a pre-filter that protects small holes from debris and blockage. It means large solids cannot pass through to the filter.
  3. Filter waterfall Pumps– Though these pumps are not ideal for fountains as they allow to pass through larger solids, these pumps are ideal for gardeners who need to operate their waterfall and filtration. Due to their functioning, these filters need not require much maintenance and can be switched off when not in use.
  4. All in one– This pump comes in combination with a biological filter and ultraviolet clarifier, creating a neatly integrated unit. These pumps are ideal for small ponds where stocking levels are almost low.
  5. Solar Pumps– These are smaller pumps which work with solar panel and work in the sunlight.

How to Buy Pumps?

It is essential to ensure electrical safety when handling a water fountain pump. Pump manufacturers usually include safety instructions in their manual that comes with the fountain kit. So, you are advised to review it properly and then install a pump in the fountain. You must keep the power plug and outlet of the pump away from the water. It can be dangerous to handle a pump whose ground –fault circuit interrupter outlet sense problem with the electric set up of the pump. So, you are advised to order pumps for fountains from a certified manufacturer only.

While buying a pump for fountains, you can seek expert advice or talk to a store expert. Discuss your requirements and the store manager will show you the most effective one. However, you are advised to buy a separate fountain pump to allow you to turn off your fountain without altering filter performance. A high-quality pump is always better to use as it can be a one-time investment. Also, buy a pump that has a warranty for up to 2 years or more.

Remember, water fountains are designed to supply water for aeration and aesthetic purposes since pumps are an essential part of any fountain. They also are configured according to the size of the pond or pool. So, be careful and research properly when you are planning to buy a pump for your fountain.

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