Download Your Whatsapp Contacts

whatsapp-contactswhatsapp should be running on your smartphone not iphone. On your desktop login to in any browser and from computer you can promptly send or receiving messages on any of your WhatsApp contacts by scanning the QR code on the screen with phone which has your whatsapp account.

You can notice and read your messages even if the WhatsApp web app is in some background tab by opened, because in google chrome WhatsApp supports desktop notifications. If you would like to use WhatsApp on web, your mobile should be connected to internet. It having other assistance is that from your desktop you can send pictures and DSLR SD card without having to transfer the immense file to your mobile. It doesn’t support to send audio and video files though.


In above link you can notice one red string which signifies the mobile number with the country code of your contact though the red highlighted string (t=s) characterizes the size of the picture thumbnail also you will get the larger version profile picture of that contact when you replace t=s in the URL with t=l.

How to save your WhatsApp book locally

To download the profile images, you don’t have an option in WhatsApp app on your mobile phones. There is a possibility to transfer your WhatsApp contacts for uploading into added address books like google contacts or LinkedIn. Yet, in less than a minute from the WhatsApp website the contacts data can be easily removed, or rather scraped.

Add Whatsapp bookmarklet to your google chrome just dragging to it. Then login to in google chrome, hit on bookmarklet in the tool bar after website is loaded. You have two options to choose, one is to have CSV list of your WhatsApp contacts or make a print-ready address book of your WhatsApp network.


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