Tips for Master Microsoft Edge Browser

Microsoft Edge Browser

The Redmond giant has introduced the Microsoft Edge Browser along with the introduction of the Windows 10 OS. The introduction of this browser replaced the Internet Explorer. This browser comes with touch functionalities and is built for only modern Windows users.

Here are some of the tips and tricks to use the Master Microsoft Edge Browser.

1. Cortana:


Microsoft has integrated a voice assistant Cortana with the Edge browser. After enabling Cortana, click Cortana on the search bar on the Windows taskbar and provide the name to setup. Type the question into the location bar on the Edge window to use the Cortana.

2. Sharing:


The sharing option can be identified with a button on the toolbar. When you tap on the button, a share panel will be opened. There are some apps from the Windows Store that support this sharing option increasing the services provided. This option helps you share all the data on your device along the screenshots of a web page. You just have to click on the title of the page in the share panel.

3. Reading View:

Reading View

Microsoft Edge features a Reading View functionality similar to that of Safari in Mac’s OS X. The Reading View removes unwanted data and makes them more readable. You can activate this just by clicking the reading view icon on the address bar.

4. Customize Tab:

Customize Tab

You can customize the tab on the Microsoft Edge based on your performance on what you would like to see when the tap is opened. To get this done click on Main Menu > Settings > Open new tabs with and select your option.

5. Import Bookmarks:

Import bookmarks

Microsoft Edge will help you import bookmarks from other browsers such as Firefox, Chrome, and others. To import bookmarks, you can find a hub button on the top-right corner and select “Import favorites”.

6. Reading List:

Reading List in microsoft edge browser

Instead of bookmarking your favorite article, you can save it to the reading list. This will help you read the articles directly from the list without searching for it on the web browsers. To save the link, press the star icon on the top and navigate to the list. Then click on “Add” button to add the article link to the list.

7. Change Theme:

Change Theme in Microsoft Edge browser

There are two themes that come with this browser: Light and Dark. These themes can be chosen accordingly that suits you better. Go to Main Menu > Settings > Themes > Choose a theme.

8. Flash:


The Microsoft Edge has included a flash player just like in the Chrome. This is used to play some flash based videos on the web. To get this, go to the Main menu > Settings > Advanced Settings > Use Adobe Flash Player. Then turn it ON/OFF.

9. Home button:

home button

By default, the home button is disabled in Microsoft Edge browser. No worries, it can be enabled again manually from the Settings. Go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Enable or Disable home button.

10. Privacy Settings:

privacy settings

This will help you secure your browser from other to access it with ease. To access the Privacy Settings, go to Settings > Advanced Settings > Privacy and services. This includes more options such as Save password, save from entries, cookies, show suggestions and much more.

These are some of the tips and tricks to make use of the master Microsoft Edge browser. And keep in mind that these tricks can be achieved only on Windows 10 OS.

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