A bail bond or a surety bond a bondsman pays is for the release of his client to court against a predetermined fee and a promise that the defendant will appear for trial. But did you know that a bail bonding agent could also turn down your request? Or, he has the authority to choose a case. While a bail bonds company may accept your plea, it nonetheless has the right to say no if it sees certain red flags in the case.

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How Do A Bail Bond Agent Work?

To determine whether they should consider a case or not, the bail bondsman you approach can ask you a few questions. For example, he may want to know whether the person in police custody has a US citizenship or not. Where does the person live and work? He may also ask about the person’s community background. Questions relating to marital status, children, and current status of employment may also surface. Based on the answers, they calculate the flight risk of the defendant. If everything appears okay, he can be ready to help you. However, even a small iota of doubt may lead them to reject your request.

The reasons why your bail bond agent may decline to help you can be any of the following:

  • Illegal or undocumented alien: The bail bondsman can refuse a case 1) if the person is an illegal migrant to the country, or 2) has capital violations and treason charges against him. Since it is also a matter of immigration, only those who specialize in this field can assist.
  • No guarantor: An agent may not lend you any support if you don’t have a co-signer. It works just like who you give money and who you don’t. Having a guarantor increases reliability on you.
  • Absence of community ties: Whether the person has come to the country recently for work or to start living fresh, he or she needs to have some association with a few communities. The ones who don’t belong to any community have higher chances of fleeing from the country. That’s why the bonding agent may not take up your case.

It is critical to note that even though bondsman has the right to represent some cases and deny others, he cannot drop a request based on biases. It means he cannot discriminate on the grounds of ethnicity, disability, marital status, gender, citizenship, age, or sexual preference.

A bail bond company is predisposed to assist people in need. But it cannot take a blind leap of faith because if the defendant escapes, the entire responsibility will be upon the company to pay out the full bail amount. Hence, when you visit a bail bond agent, make sure you have covered all the grounds. A reliable and experienced company will not hesitate to extend its support in hours of need, but you will also have to prepare well. In case you have an emergency, try to contact Remedy Bail. The licensed agents will listen to your plea and try to solve your problem.

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